A selection of postcards, cigarette cards and silks relating to the regiment


Dublin Fusiliers Officer and Other Ranks

Dublin Fusiliers postcard with artwork depicting members of the regiment circa 1900 – Note the content of the postcard mentioning Major Robert Baker of the regiment being awarded a DSO.


1918 Dublin Fusiliers Postcard

A scarce postcard produced in 1918 and sold to both members of the regiment and the public



A Seaton’s Toffee advertisement postcard showing a member of the Dublin Fusiliers


5th Battalion RDF Christmas Card

5th Battalion RDF Christmas Card inside

The outside and inside of the 5th Battalion Christmas and New Year card for 1914.


1907 RDF Khartoum Christmas Card

1907 RDF Khartoum Christmas Card inside

The outside and inside of the 1st Battalion Christmas Card for 1907. It was common for the regimental cards to feature artwork or photographs relating to the places in which they were serving. Sent by Major Geoffrey Downing (who would later command the 7th Battalion at Gallipoli).


Boer War Card

Boer War Card Inside

1st Battalion Christmas Card issued towards the end of the Boer War.





1st Battalion 1908 Christmas Card. The cover showing Citadel Barracks, Cairo and similar in style to their 1907 card.




4th Battalion Christmas Card for 1915


Bravo Dublin Fusiliers
A patriotic regimental postcard with verse dating from the First World War period


The Dublin Fusiliers

Another postcard from the Great War period. This example was produced with the same design for many different regiments.

4th Battalion


An undated 4th Battalion Christmas Card sent by the Sergeants Mess


5th Battalion Card

5th Battalion Card inside

 5th Battalion Card

A 5th Battalion Christmas Card sent to “The boys of the Royal Canadians” (Leinster Regiment) at Maryboro Barracks. No date is given on the card but the drawing of Sergeant Graham by Richard Caton Woodville II within it dates it to circa 1894