Queen's South Africa Medal

The Queen’s South Africa Medal was awarded by the British authorities to those who served in South Africa during the Second Boer War between the 11th of October 1899 and the 31st of May 1902. The Dubs took part in many of the major actions during this period including the attack on Talana Hill on the 20th of October 1899, the Defence and Relief of Ladysmith in late 1899/early 1900 and the Battle of Colenso on the 15th of December 1899 and suffered many casualties. The members of the regiment who died whilst on service during this campaign are today commemorated on The Royal Dublin Fusiliers Arch in St.Stephen’s Green, Dublin.
The medal itself is a silver circular medal featuring a bust of Queen Victoria on its obverse and the image of Britannia holding a flag and laurel crown, in front of a group of soldiers on the reverse along with the words “SOUTH AFRICA”. Each medal was also usually awarded with clasps which indicate where or in which battles the recipient served i.e. Talana, Orange Free State etc. Sometimes those who did not qualify for the King’s South Africa Medal recieved a South Africa 1901 and/or a South Africa 1902 clasp for their QSA.
All of the medals were officially named with the recipient’s number, rank, name and unit. (In the case of commissioned officers medals no number will be present). As with other medals abbreviations were used for the recipient’s ranks (see full list on the website) such as Pte. (Private) and R. Dublin Fus. (Royal Dublin Fusiliers).
Almost 4,370 of these medals were issued to members of the regiment. A total of 26 clasps were awarded however members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers did not receive all the clasps, they did receive the following, a total of 16:
Cape Colony
Defence of Ladysmith
Modder River
Tugela Heights
Relief of Kimberley
Orange Free State
Relief of Ladysmith
Laing’s Nek
Diamond Hill
South Africa 1901
South Africa 1902


A Queen’s South Africa Medal awarded to a member of the RDF
This example includes some of the most unusual clasps that were awarded to the regiment with ‘Modder River’ being unique, Relief of Kimberley (32 awarded), Paardeberg (35),  Driefontein (36),  Johannesburg (30),  and Diamond Hill (29).


Medal group awarded to Captain W. Shanks including the Queen's South Africa Medal

Medal group awarded to Captain W. Shanks including the Queen’s South Africa Medal

To see more images of Queen’s South Africa Medals awarded to members of the regiment please click here.


Full list of members of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers entitled to the Queen’s South Africa Medal

Abbott Pte 2777 1st Batt
Achilles J Pte 6352 2nd Batt
Acton Pte 3754 1st Batt
Adams Pte 1429 2nd Batt
Adams W Pte 3068 2nd Batt
Agnew Pte 3460 1st Batt
Ahern Pte 5514 1st Batt
Ahern R Pte 2565 1st Batt
Ahern R Pte 2565 2nd Batt
Ahern W Pte 2947 1st Batt
Aldridge C Cpl 3062 2nd Batt
Alen-Mahon L Captain
Allen A Pte 5429 2nd Batt
Allen Pte 6296 2nd Batt
Allen Pte 6417 2nd Batt
Allen Pte 3052 4th Batt
Allen L/Cpl 5839 4th Batt
Allen Pte 1893 3rd Batt
Allen Drummer 5421 1st Batt
Allen J W Cpl 4327 4th Batt
Ambrose J Colour Sgt 4637 2nd Batt
Ambrose R Pte 2961 2nd Batt
Anderson Pte 4260 1st Batt
Anderson Pte 4119 5th Batt
Anderson B Sgt 4861 4th Batt
Anderson F Colour Sgt 1166 2nd Batt
Anderson G H Drummer 6653 1st Batt
Andrews Pte 7115 1st Batt
Andrews Pte 7240 1st Batt
Andrews Pte 3500 1st Batt
Andrews R Pte 5844 2nd Batt
Andrews W Cpl 6675 1st Batt
Angleton Pte 5070 2nd Batt
Arkins Sgt 3575 2nd Batt
Armstrong Pte 2052 2nd Batt
Armstrong Pte 1603 4th Batt
Armstrong Pte 5180 4th Batt
Armstrong 2nd Lieut
Armstrong Pte 4538 1st Batt
Armstrong J Pte 4012 2nd Batt
Arnold Drummer 6207 4th Batt
Arnold L/Cpl 6861 1st Batt
Arnott F L/Cpl 4820 1st Batt
Ashton Drummer 5697 4th Batt
Ashton Pte 5696 4th Batt
Ashton Pte 5898 4th Batt
Ashuthust L/Cpl 5325 4th Batt
Athmoe Pte 2675 5th Batt
Atkinson Pte 3869 5th Batt
Atkinson Pte 3207 5th Batt
Austin Pte 7314 1st Batt
Babester Pte 5430 2nd Batt
Bacon Pte 5511 4th Batt
Baggott Pte 7 1st Batt
Bagnall Pte 5117 1st Batt
Bailey C L/Sgt 4861 2nd Batt
Baker Pte 534 3rd Batt
Baker Pte 3907 4th Batt
Baker Pte 7441 1st Batt
Baker Captain
Baker L/Sgt 3426 1st Batt
Baker Cpl 6807 1st Batt
Baley Pte 4027 5th Batt
Balfe Pte 4485 5th Batt
Balfe M Pte 5795 2nd Batt
Ball Pte 3516 1st Batt
Ball Pte 4661 2nd Batt
Bannerman Pte 5663 4th Batt
Banfield W L/Cpl 3688 1st Batt
Barmes Cpl 5625 4th Batt
Barnley Pte 6021 4th Batt
Baron Pte 3614 1st Batt
Barrett Pte 4350 1st Batt
Barrett J Pte 460 2nd Batt
Barrett Pte 3796 5th Batt
Barry J Pte 5082 1st Batt
Barry Pte 5257 4th Batt
Barry Pte 6901 4th Batt
Barry Pte 4872 2nd Batt
Barry Pte 5131 2nd Batt
Barry P Pte 4663 2nd Batt
Barry C Pte 7207 4th Batt
Barry C Pte 6138 2nd Batt
Barry J Pte 3410 1st Batt
Barry J Pte 4497 2nd Batt
Barry J Pte 5189 2nd Batt
Barsdell W P Pte 5655 1st Batt
Barter R Pte 1703 1st Batt
Bass Pte 5835 4th Batt
Battersby J Pte 5127 2nd Batt
Bawn Captain
Beatty Pte 6389 1st Batt
Beatty J Sgt 3136 2nd Batt
Bedding Pte 7476 1st Batt
Bedford Drummer 5518 1st Batt
Beggs Pte 4559 1st Batt
Begley Pte 5911 2nd Batt
Begley R Pte 7438 1st Batt
Behan Pte 6246 1st Batt
Behan Pte 4978 4th Batt
Behan Pte 2502 3rd Batt
Behan C Pte 6224 1st Batt
Behan J Pte 5386 2nd Batt
Behan J Pte 6608 2nd Batt
Behan M Pte 6147 2nd Batt
Belin Pte 4353 2nd Batt
Bell Pte 3324 1st Batt
Bell J Pte 6972 4th Batt
Bell T Pte 2992 5th Batt
Bell T B Pte 5290 1st Batt
Bellin Pte 5911 4th Batt
Belton Pte 4507 4th Batt
Bennett T J Pte 3115 1st Batt
Bennett Pte 5616 4th Batt
Bennett Major
Bennett A Pte 6165 2nd Batt
Bergin Pte 5554 4th Batt
Bergin Cpl 4146 4th Batt
Bergin Pte 1854 5th Batt
Bermingham Cpl 6043 1st Batt
Bermingham Pte 3082 4th Batt
Bermingham Pte 4122 5th Batt
Bermingham Cpl 4145 5th Batt
Bermingham Edward Pte 5991 1st Batt
Bernes F Pte 6108 2nd Batt
Berrill W J Pte 6456 2nd Batt
Berry Sgt 3130 5th Batt
Bigley J Pte 5266 2nd Batt
Billson J Pte 5062 1st Batt
Birch Pte 5913 1st Batt
Bird Major
Birkley Pte 3598 4th Batt
Birks Sgt 3177 2nd Batt
Birminghan Pte 1561 3rd Batt
Birney Pte 3637 4th Batt
Birney P Pte 6599 2nd Batt
Birney J Pte 5031 2nd Batt
Bishop Pte 6176 2nd Batt
Bissett Pte 2504 1st Batt
Black Pte 4185 1st Batt
Black J Pte 6600 1st Batt
Black T Pte 5310 2nd Batt
Black W Sgt 4804 2nd Batt
Blake Pte 2507 1st Batt
Bodkin C Sgt 5108 2nd Batt
Bohanna J Pte 3270 1st Batt
Boland Pte 5788 2nd Batt
Boland Pte 6758 1st Batt
Boland Pte 2190 4th Batt
Boland Pte 4504 4th Batt
Boland Pte 5118 5th Batt
Bole Pte 1502 2nd Batt
Bolger J Pte 3953 1st Batt
Bolger M Pte 5170 2nd Batt
Bolger Pte 4344 2nd Batt
Bolger Pte 2563 4th Batt
Bolger Pte 3391 4th Batt
Bollard Richard Pte 5708 2nd Batt
Bolton Pte 1905 2nd Batt
Bolton Pte 5872 2nd Batt
Bolton Pte 5959 2nd Batt
Bond F Pte 2036 4th Batt
Bonner W Pte 6089 1st Batt
Booth Pte 5552 1st Batt
Booth T L/Cpl 5550 2nd Batt
Booth Pte 6322 2nd Batt
Bourke Pte 4644 2nd Batt
Bourke T Pte 7028 4th Batt
Bourne H Pte 7281 1st Batt
Bowen E Pte 4679 2nd Batt
Bowes M Pte 5832 2nd Batt
Bowman Pte 4521 1st Batt
Bowman A Pte 7075 5th Batt
Boyce Cpl 4464 5th Batt
Boyd Pte 1601 2nd Batt
Boylan T Pte 3804 2nd Batt
Boylan W Pte 5713 2nd Batt
Boylan C Pte 6034 2nd Batt
Boylan Pte 4387 4th Batt
Boylan Pte 3526 5th Batt
Boyle F Pte 4246 1st Batt
Boyle Pte 3762 5th Batt
Boyle R Pte 7162 4th Batt
Boyne Pte 4454 1st Batt
Boyne Pte 3644 1st Batt
Boyne Pte 3802 5th Batt
Bracken P Pte 5349 2nd Batt
Bracken T Pte 5931 2nd Batt
Bradbury Drummer 6331 5th Batt
Bradford Pte 3528 1st Batt
Bradford 2nd Lieut
Bradley T Pte 3346 1st Batt
Bradley T C Pte 4010 1st Batt
Bradley W Pte 4952 1st Batt
Bradley Pte 2231 5th Batt
Brady M Pte 3430 1st Batt
Brady Pte 4274 2nd Batt
Brady Pte 5222 2nd Batt
Brady M Pte 5320 2nd Batt
Brady Cpl 6090 2nd Batt
Brady Pte 3569 4th Batt
Brady C Pte 7166 1st Batt
Brady Pte 5539 4th Batt
Brady Drummer 5245 4th Batt
Brady Pte 5233 4th Batt
Brady Pte 3431 5th Batt
Brady Sgt 3044 5th Batt
Brady P Pte 6905 4th Batt
Brady J Pte 3361 5th Batt
Brady J W L/Cpl 5662 4th Batt
Brady P Pte 5745 2nd Batt
Brady P Pte 1997 5th Batt
Brady W Pte 6084 2nd Batt
Bramble J Pte 6444 2nd Batt
Branagan Pte 2004 5th Batt
Brannigan Pte 6251 1st Batt
Brannigan Pte 5717 1st Batt
Brannigan J Pte 5387 2nd Batt
Brassel Francis Colour Sgt 1177 5th Batt
Breadon W Pte 5336 2nd Batt
Breen Pte 2472 2nd Batt
Breen D Pte 4408 2nd Batt
Breen J Pte 7254 1st Batt
Breen Drummer 5177 4th Batt
Brehenny Pte 3355 1st Batt
Brennan F Pte 2297 1st Batt
Brennan Pte 2820 1st Batt
Brennan J Pte 3331 1st Batt
Brennan Pte 1993 1st Batt
Brennan Pte 3434 1st Batt
Brennan J Cpl 5729 1st Batt
Brennan G Pte 5419 1st Batt
Brennan Pte 5749 2nd Batt
Brennan P Pte 6612 2nd Batt
Brennan Cpl 5194 4th Batt
Brennan Pte 5566 4th Batt
Brennan Pte 4266 5th Batt
Brennan Pte 3103 5th Batt
Brennan P Pte 6507 5th Batt
Brennan L/Cpl 4527 5th Batt
Brennan Sgt 5220 1st Batt
Brennan Pte 6362 1st Batt
Brennan T Pte 1815 2nd Batt
Brennan P Pte 4949 2nd Batt
Brennan P Sgt 5311 2nd Batt
Brennan J Pte 7226 1st Batt
Brennan H Pte 5519 2nd Batt
Brennan L Pte 4406 2nd Batt
Brennan T Sgt 1769 2nd Batt
Brennan T Pte 1554 5th Batt
Brennan W Pte 5011 2nd Batt
Breslin Pte 2710 1st Batt
Breslin P Cpl 3916 5th Batt
Brian T Pte 6174 1st Batt
Brien Cpl 3206 2nd Batt
Brien Pte 1366 2nd Batt
Brien Pte 1391 2nd Batt
Brien Pte 4726 2nd Batt
Brien Pte 6029 2nd Batt
Brien Pte 6239 2nd Batt
Brien Pte 2591 3rd Batt
Brien Pte 716 4th Batt
Brien Pte 4518 4th Batt
Brien Pte 3639 5th Batt
Brien Cpl 5138 4th Batt
Brien E Pte 3144 5th Batt
Brien Pte 2415 5th Batt
Brien Pte 3152 5th Batt
Brien Pte 4360 5th Batt
Brien Pte 7027 4th Batt
Brien J Pte 4479 5th Batt
Brien J Pte 5479 2nd Batt
Brien P Pte 3592 1st Batt
Brien P Pte 6121 2nd Batt
Brien P Pte 3458 4th Batt
Brien W Pte 2787 2nd Batt
Brire Pte 3071 5th Batt
Brittain Drummer 5496 4th Batt
Britton Lieut
Broad W Cpl 5981 2nd Batt
Broderick J Pte 5123 2nd Batt
Brodhurst-Hill T Lieut
Brodnell Drummer 4910 2nd Batt
Broe Pte 2997 2nd Batt
Brogan J Pte 7406 1st Batt
Bromilow W Captain
Brooks Pte 6856 1st Batt
Brooks Pte 6759 1st Batt
Brooks W Pte 5988 2nd Batt
Brophy Pte 6296 2nd Batt
Broslin M Pte 7273 1st Batt
Brosman W Pte 6582 2nd Batt
Broughall Pte 6674 2nd Batt
Broughton J Sgt 3094 2nd Batt
Brown Sgt 502 2nd Batt
Brown E Pte 2968 2nd Batt
Brown W Pte 3564 2nd Batt
Brown Sgt 4770 2nd Batt
Brown E Pte 5616 2nd Batt
Brown Pte 81 3rd Batt
Brown Pte 2283 4th Batt
Brown Pte 3203 5th Batt
Brown Pte 3236 5th Batt
Brown Pte 4388 5th Batt
Brown Pte 6990 4th Batt
Brown Lieut
Brown A Pte 5962 2nd Batt
Brown E Pte 4530 2nd Batt
Brown F Pte 6323 2nd Batt
Brown R Pte 6716 2nd Batt
Brown W Pte 4352 1st Batt
Browne Drummer 5831 1st Batt
Browne Pte 5760 1st Batt
Browne Pte 3127 1st Batt
Browne Pte 2735 1st Batt
Browne T Pte 6253 1st Batt
Brown M Pte 5581 1st Batt
Browne J Cpl 7044 3rd Batt
Bruen B F Q/Mas Sgt 1969 5th Batt
Bryan Pte 4666 2nd Batt
Bryan Pte 4827 2nd Batt
Bryan E Pte 5384 2nd Batt
Bryan P Pte 4448 5th Batt
Buckley Pte 6053 2nd Batt
Buckley Pte 6109 2nd Batt
Buckley Pte 3851 4th Batt
Buckley M Pte 6542 1st Batt
Buckley Pte 5722 2nd Batt
Buckley D Pte 5626 2nd Batt
Buckley J Pte 6863 4th Batt
Buckley M Pte 5800 2nd Batt
Bullman Pte 3658 4th Batt
Burbidge W L/Cpl 5688 2nd Batt
Burchett G Pte 3550 1st Batt
Burge Pte 3715 5th Batt
Burke Pte 2821 1st Batt
Burke Pte 1418 2nd Batt
Burke T Pte 5797 2nd Batt
Burke Pte 5891 2nd Batt
Burke M Pte 7010 2nd Batt
Burke Pte 1899 3rd Batt
Burke Pte 2155 5th Batt
Burke Pte 3818 5th Batt
Burke Pte 5497 4th Batt
Burke Pte 4902 4th Batt
Burke Cpl 4630 4th Batt
Burke Pte 4910 4th Batt
Burke Cpl 3087 4th Batt
Burke Pte 3615 4th Batt
Burke Lieut
Burke Pte 4005 5th Batt
Burke Pte 3721 1st Batt
Burke C Pte 6319 2nd Batt
Burke J Pte 4306 1st Batt
Burke J Pte 1741 2nd Batt
Burke J Sgt Major 43 2nd Batt
Burke P Pte 5458 2nd Batt
Burke R J Pte 5498 4th Batt
Burke T F Pte 858 2nd Batt
Burkette Cpl 4187 5th Batt
Burnett Pte 7187 1st Batt
Burns P Cpl 4459 1st Batt
Burns T Pte 7310 1st Batt
Burra 2nd Lieut
Burrell Sgt 7501 4th Batt
Butler Pte 4851 2nd Batt
Butler Pte 4857 2nd Batt
Butler Pte 4580 5th Batt
Butler Sgt 2513 5th Batt
Butler Lieut
Butler J L/Cpl 6369 1st Batt
Butler W Pte 6832 4th Batt
Byerby Pte 5855 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 6676 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 6385 1st Batt
Byrne J L/Cpl 6583 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 5362 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 4221 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 3502 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 3474 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 1827 1st Batt
Byrne C Pte 6422 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 6407 1st Batt
Byrne L/Cpl 6433 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 2709 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 5331 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 3700 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 2779 1st Batt
Byrne J Pte 6617 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 3360 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 2200 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 2872 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 1346 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 1681 2nd Batt
Byrne Sgt 2144 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 3215 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 3296 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 3641 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 4541 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 4662 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 4946 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 5084 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 5214 2nd Batt
Byrne T Pte 6677 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 6346 2nd Batt
Byrne Pte 2379 3rd Batt
Byrne Pte 4369 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 4465 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 2368 5th Batt
Byrne L Pte 3180 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4125 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 7306 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 7437 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 7338 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 7598 1st Batt
Byrne Pte 1269 4th Batt
Byrne R Pte 5963 4th Batt
Byrne Sgt 4613 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 5338 4th Batt
Byrne R Pte 4093 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 5551 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 5649 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 5692 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 5506 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 4647 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 4557 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 5600 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 3228 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4045 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4519 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4099 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4205 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 1035 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 1229 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4122 5th Batt
Byrne Sgt 3998 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 3166 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4490 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4026 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 4590 5th Batt
Byrne Pte 1626 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 2003 4th Batt
Byrne J Pte 6824 4th Batt
Byrne Pte 6886 4th Batt
Byrne A Pte 4449 1st Batt
Byrne C Pte 4864 2nd Batt
Byrne F Pte 5611 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 4505 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 6365 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 6857 4th Batt
Byrne J Pte 3264 1st Batt
Byrne J Pte 3976 1st Batt
Byrne J Pte 6792 4th Batt
Byrne J Pte 6452 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 903 3rd Batt
Byrne J Colour Sgt 2810 1st Batt
Byrne J Pte 4665 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 4767 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 5033 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 5499 2nd Batt
Byrne J Pte 6145 2nd Batt
Byrne M Pte 3977 1st Batt
Byrne M Pte 7082 1st Batt
Byrne M Pte 1846 2nd Batt
Byrne M Pte 7213 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 3413 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 3716 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 3716 1st Batt
Byrne P L/Cpl 7078 4th Batt
Byrne P Pte 6280 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 6247 1st Batt
Byrne P Pte 5702 2nd Batt
Byrne R Sgt 4975 1st Batt
Byrne T Sgt 4332 1st Batt
Byrne W Pte 6252 1st Batt
Byrne W Cpl 5915 2nd Batt
Cadwell Pte 4081 1st Batt
Cadwell G Pte 4847 2nd Batt
Caffery Pte 5598 4th Batt
Cahill H Pte 4319 1st Batt
Cahill P Pte 6574 1st Batt
Cahill P Pte 5714 5th Batt
Cahill P Pte 5103 2nd Batt
Cahill T Pte 5264 1st Batt
Cahill T Pte 4658 2nd Batt
Caine Pte 4849 2nd Batt
Callaghan D Pte 3596 2nd Batt
Callaghan M Pte 5332 2nd Batt
Callaghan Pte 3801 5th Batt
Callaghan J Pte 5050 2nd Batt
Callaghan J Pte 5918 2nd Batt
Callaghan T Pte 5553 2nd Batt
Callaghan W Pte 6601 2nd Batt
Callan J Sgt 4560 1st Batt
Callis J Pte 6015 2nd Batt
Callis Pte 3707 5th Batt
Cameron Captain
Cameron Lieut
Cameron 2nd Lieut
Campbell Pte 4308 1st Batt
Campbell Pte 4319 1st Batt
Campbell C Pte 6117 2nd Batt
Campbell Pte 7120 5th Batt
Campbell Pte 7157 4th Batt
Campbell J Colour Sgt 2929 1st Batt
Campion P Pte 6297 2nd Batt
Canavan Pte 3858 2nd Batt
Canavan Pte 6482 2nd Batt
Canis Pte 6927 1st Batt
Cannon Pte 2408 5th Batt
Carberry Pte 5376 4th Batt
Carey Pte 6647 2nd Batt
Carey Pte 1999 5th Batt
Carey J Pte 7029 4th Batt
Carey Pte 6478 1st Batt
Carey Pte 3471 1st Batt
Carey M Pte 5856 1st Batt
Carlyle Cpl 5811 4th Batt
Carlyle Pte 4233 5th Batt
Carney Pte 790 3rd Batt
Carolan J Pte 5130 2nd Batt
Carolan Cpl 4539 5th Batt
Carpenter Pte 4317 1st Batt
Carpenter L/Cpl 5749 4th Batt
Carr Pte 5565 2nd Batt
Carr Pte 6454 2nd Batt
Carr Pte 4079 5th Batt
Carr Pte 3433 5th Batt
Carr Pte 1876 4th Batt
Carr Pte 7161 4th Batt
Carr Pte 5346 2nd Batt
Carr Pte 1859 4th Batt
Carr L/Cpl 5263 4th Batt
Carr E Pte 6095 2nd Batt
Carr E Pte 5584 2nd Batt
Carr P Pte 5427 2nd Batt
Carragher W L/Cpl 1630 1st Batt
Carrick Pte 4618 5th Batt
Carroll P Pte 4247 1st Batt
Carroll Q/Mas Sgt 3167 1st Batt
Carroll Pte 4942 1st Batt
Carroll Pte 1898 2nd Batt
Carroll T Pte 4761 2nd Batt
Carroll Pte 1423 2nd Batt
Carroll Pte 5880 2nd Batt
Carroll Pte 6338 2nd Batt
Carroll Pte 6710 2nd Batt
Carroll Pte 34 3rd Batt
Carroll Pte 7328 1st Batt
Carroll Pte 5831 4th Batt
Carroll Pte 4865 4th Batt
Carroll Cpl 5864 4th Batt
Carroll Pte 7023 4th Batt
Carroll Pte 6465 5th Batt
Carroll Pte 2190 5th Batt
Carroll Pte 7001 4th Batt
Carroll E Pte 6944 4th Batt
Carroll J Pte 6909 4th Batt
Carroll J Pte 4793 2nd Batt
Carroll J Pte 7343 1st Batt
Carroll J Pte 5929 2nd Batt
Carroll P Pte 5441 1st Batt
Carroll P Pte 5441 1st Batt
Carroll P Sgt 3761 2nd Batt
Carroll P Pte 6264 2nd Batt
Carron E Pte 4819 2nd Batt
Carroway J Pte 4301 1st Batt
Carruthers J Pte 6643 1st Batt
Carson Pte 6999 4th Batt
Carson A Pte 4174 1st Batt
Carter Sgt 3085 1st Batt
Carter Pte 4914 4th Batt
Carter Pte 3205 5th Batt
Carthy Pte 87 5th Batt
Carthy Pte 7614 4th Batt
Carthy Pte 5767 4th Batt
Carthy Pte 3232 5th Batt
Cartlidge L/Cpl 3065 1st Batt
Casey L/Cpl 6679 1st Batt
Casey T Pte 2720 1st Batt
Casey Pte 5150 1st Batt
Casey M Pte 6373 1st Batt
Casey Cpl 5806 2nd Batt
Casey Patrick Pte 5059 2nd Batt
Cash Pte 6181 1st Batt
Cash W Pte 6547 2nd Batt
Cashin Pte 6775 2nd Batt
Cassidy Pte 2125 2nd Batt
Cassidy F Pte 6770 2nd Batt
Cassidy W Pte 2965 1st Batt
Cassin Pte 6022 2nd Batt
Cathcart Pte 5298 4th Batt
Cathcart J Pte 6731 2nd Batt
Cathcart J Pte 6044 2nd Batt
Cavanagh Pte 5182 2nd Batt
Cavanagh Pte 5733 2nd Batt
Cawston Sgt 7606 1st Batt
Chambers T Pte 3037 2nd Batt
Champion Pte 4169 4th Batt
Chane Pte 5863 4th Batt
Chapman R Pte 3926 1st Batt
Chapman A J Lieut Colonel
Chester W Pte 4034 1st Batt
Christie Sgt 1594 5th Batt
Church F Sgt 5628 2nd Batt
Chute Pte 5449 1st Batt
Chute Pte 6340 2nd Batt
Clancey Pte 6982 4th Batt
Clancy Pte 2744 1st Batt
Clare Pte 7244 1st Batt
Clarke M Pte 5206 1st Batt
Clarke L/Sgt 4880 1st Batt
Clarke Pte 1802 2nd Batt
Clarke Pte 5751 2nd Batt
Clarke Pte 1867 3rd Batt
Clarke Pte 5912 4th Batt
Clarke Pte 5262 4th Batt
Clarke J Pte 4510 5th Batt
Clarke Pte 4634 5th Batt
Clarke J Pte 6765 4th Batt
Clarke Captain
Clarke 2nd Lieut
Clarke Pte 4494 1st Batt
Clarke J Pte 4878 2nd Batt
Clarke P Cpl 6076 1st Batt
Clarke W L/Cpl 6111 2nd Batt
Clarke W Pte 3988 1st Batt
Cleary Pte 6221 1st Batt
Cleary Pte 5768 4th Batt
Cleary Pte 980 5th Batt
Cleary Pte 4520 5th Batt
Cleory Pte 5892 2nd Batt
Clifford Pte 5730 4th Batt
Clifford Pte 5895 2nd Batt
Clifford P Pte 4560 2nd Batt
Clilter Pte 5352 4th Batt
Clinch T Pte 7285 1st Batt
Clonan W Pte 5725 2nd Batt
Clooney Pte 4743 4th Batt
Clusker Pte 1810 1st Batt
Coady M Pte 6146 2nd Batt
Coady L/Cpl 5876 4th Batt
Codger A Pte 5502 2nd Batt
Coffey Pte 4601 1st Batt
Coffey Pte 5237 1st Batt
Coffey Pte 5048 2nd Batt
Coggle Pte 5907 4th Batt
Cole Pte 5896 4th Batt
Cole Pte 5719 4th Batt
Cole Pte 2967 4th Batt
Cole R Pte 6047 2nd Batt
Coleman Cpl 3771 1st Batt
Coleman Pte 1505 2nd Batt
Coleman Pte 1040 3rd Batt
Coleman Pte 4698 4th Batt
Coleman Pte 5388 4th Batt
Coleman M Pte 4759 4th Batt
Coleman Pte 3668 4th Batt
Coleman Pte 6971 4th Batt
Coleman Pte 6926 4th Batt
Coleman P Pte 6880 2nd Batt
Coleman P Pte 6880 4th Batt
Coleman P Pte 6445 1st Batt
Coles C E O/Reg Sgt 6956 4th Batt
Colgan F Pte 4215 1st Batt
Colgan Sgt 5220 4th Batt
Collier Pte 1120 1st Batt
Collins Pte 2906 1st Batt
Collins H Pte 3986 1st Batt
Collins Pte 4051 1st Batt
Collins Pte 3236 2nd Batt
Collins Pte 1190 3rd Batt
Collins Pte 7098 5th Batt
Collins Pte 5899 4th Batt
Collins Pte 4854 4th Batt
Collins Pte 3258 5th Batt
Collins L Pte 5755 2nd Batt
Collins T Pte 1553 1st Batt
Colt Pte 5505 1st Batt
Combes Pte 203 4th Batt
Combes Pte 5921 4th Batt
Combes Pte 3260 5th Batt
Comerford Pte 3126 5th Batt
Comgan Pte 2806 1st Batt
Concannon M Pte 3313 2nd Batt
Condon Pte 6453 1st Batt
Condron Pte 1878 1st Batt
Confrey Pte 7246 1st Batt
Conghlan L/Cpl 4338 5th Batt
Conlahan Pte 6868 5th Batt
Conlan Pte 4628 1st Batt
Conlan Lieut
Connell Pte 3810 1st Batt
Connell E Colour Sgt 2101 2nd Batt
Connell M Pte 2800 2nd Batt
Connell Pte 4650 2nd Batt
Connell Pte 5050 2nd Batt
Connell Pte 5107 2nd Batt
Connell Pte 1546 3rd Batt
Connell Pte 3067 4th Batt
Connell Sgt 5227 4th Batt
Connell J Pte 3108 1st Batt
Connell W Pte 6308 2nd Batt
Connerton J Pte 6474 1st Batt
Connolly J Pte 6179 1st Batt
Connolly Pte 5387 2nd Batt
Connolly M Pte 4218 2nd Batt
Connolly Pte 3978 5th Batt
Connolly Pte 3811 5th Batt
Connolly Pte 3741 5th Batt
Connolly Pte 3680 5th Batt
Connolly Pte 3660 5th Batt
Connolly Pte 6698 4th Batt
Connolly J Sgt 4081 1st Batt
Connolly P Pte 6618 1st Batt
Connolly T Pte 6869 1st Batt
Connolly T Pte 7070 1st Batt
Connor Pte 5250 1st Batt
Connor P Pte 6439 1st Batt
Connor J Pte 2840 1st Batt
Connor B Pte 5377 2nd Batt
Connor J Pte 5609 2nd Batt
Connor Pte 6340 2nd Batt
Connor J Pte 5404 2nd Batt
Connor J Pte 5109 2nd Batt
Connor J Pte 5015 2nd Batt
Connor Pte 4853 4th Batt
Connor C Pte 7211 5th Batt
Connor E Pte 7252 1st Batt
Connor Pte 5629 4th Batt
Connor Pte 5199 4th Batt
Connor Pte 1889 3rd Batt
Connor Pte 1094 3rd Batt
Connor Sgt 3423 2nd Batt
Connor Pte 4191 5th Batt
Connor P Pte 6897 4th Batt
Connor P Pte 4920 1st Batt
Connor R Pte 5399 2nd Batt
Connor S Pte 4513 2nd Batt
Connor W Sgt 3111 1st Batt
Connors P Cpl 6741 1st Batt
Conroy Pte 6659 2nd Batt
Conroy Pte 4080 5th Batt
Conroy Pte 6748 4th Batt
Conroy Pte 2913 1st Batt
Conroy J Pte 7333 1st Batt
Conroy L Cpl 5448 1st Batt
Conway Pte 3844 2nd Batt
Conway Pte 5732 2nd Batt
Conway Pte 7038 3rd Batt
Conway Pte 5275 4th Batt
Conway Pte 5183 4th Batt
Conway Pte 5869 4th Batt
Conway Pte 4124 5th Batt
Coogan J Pte 6762 1st Batt
Coombes Pte 7376 1st Batt
Coombs L/Cpl 5603 4th Batt
Cooney Pte 6623 1st Batt
Cooney Pte 7264 1st Batt
Cooney Pte 5828 4th Batt
Cooney Pte 3903 5th Batt
Cooney Pte 1643 4th Batt
Cooney Pte 6031 1st Batt
Cooney B Pte 6103 2nd Batt
Cooney P Pte 4411 2nd Batt
Cooper Pte 3341 1st Batt
Cooper Pte 5970 2nd Batt
Cooper H Pte 6531 2nd Batt
Cooper Pte 3274 4th Batt
Cooper Pte 3560 5th Batt
Cooper 2nd Lieut
Corbally Pte 5824 2nd Batt
Corcoran H Pte 7282 1st Batt
Corcoran Pte 4558 5th Batt
Corcoran Pte 4036 5th Batt
Cormack Pte 6035 2nd Batt
Corr Sgt 5071 2nd Batt
Corr T Pte 5622 2nd Batt
Corrigan Pte 1798 5th Batt
Corrigan M Pte 4808 2nd Batt
Corrigan M Sgt 5094 2nd Batt
Corrway Pte 7047 3rd Batt
Cory Captain
Cosgrove Pte 6713 1st Batt
Cossy E Colour Sgt 2961 2nd Batt
Costello Pte 4780 1st Batt
Costello P Pte 6374 1st Batt
Costello Pte 1285 5th Batt
Costello M Pte 4974 2nd Batt
Costello P Pte 2196 1st Batt
Costello R Pte 3276 1st Batt
Cotter Pte 852 4th Batt
Cottle P Pte 1739 5th Batt
Coughlin Pte 6816 1st Batt
Courtney Pte 6732 2nd Batt
Courtney Pte 1856 3rd Batt
Courtney Pte 7064 4th Batt
Courtney P Pte 4779 2nd Batt
Courtney T Pte 2566 4th Batt
Cowell J Cpl 5091 1st Batt
Cox Pte 2982 1st Batt
Cox Com Sgt 2573 5th Batt
Cox C Pte 6945 4th Batt
Coy Pte 7291 1st Batt
Coyle Pte 3725 1st Batt
Coyle Pte 1728 2nd Batt
Coyle Pte 4820 2nd Batt
Coyle Pte 6742 2nd Batt
Coyle J Pte 7173 5th Batt
Coyle Pte 5610 4th Batt
Coyle M Pte 5914 2nd Batt
Coyle P Pte 2695 1st Batt
Coyle W L/Cpl 5319 2nd Batt
Coyne J L/Cpl 5796 1st Batt
Coyne T Pte 3446 5th Batt
Cragg Sgt 3548 2nd Batt
Cragg W L/Cpl 6283 2nd Batt
Craig Pte 7473 1st Batt
Craugh Pte 7213 1st Batt
Crawford Pte 2719 5th Batt
Crawford Pte 6820 4th Batt
Crawford J Cpl 4440 2nd Batt
Crawford R Pte 2719 2nd Batt
Crean T Sgt 5178 2nd Batt
Creegan P Pte 2337 4th Batt
Cregan Pte 5603 1st Batt
Cregan Pte 1480 2nd Batt
Cregan Pte 5603 2nd Batt
Cregan P Pte 4444 2nd Batt
Creman Pte 5605 2nd Batt
Crimmin Pte 5449 4th Batt
Croker Captain
Croncher Pte 3195 2nd Batt
Cronin M Pte 4399 1st Batt
Cronin J Pte 7107 4th Batt
Crooke A L/Cpl 6520 1st Batt
Crosbie Cpl 1705 5th Batt
Crosby Pte 6292 2nd Batt
Crossan Pte 2771 5th Batt
Crotty Pte 6231 2nd Batt
Crotty J Pte 5933 2nd Batt
Crowe J Pte 6658 1st Batt
Crowley Pte 5866 4th Batt
Crowley Pte 5824 4th Batt
Crowthers Sgt 5252 1st Batt
Crozier Pte 4705 2nd Batt
Cuddy Pte 2849 4th Batt
Cuddy Pte 2683 4th Batt
Cullen P Pte 2545 1st Batt
Cullen Pte 4248 1st Batt
Cullen Pte 5034 1st Batt
Cullen Pte 4278 1st Batt
Cullen Pte 3858 2nd Batt
Cullen Pte 5171 2nd Batt
Cullen Pte 5624 2nd Batt
Cullen Pte 5643 2nd Batt
Cullen Pte 6120 2nd Batt
Cullen Pte 6170 2nd Batt
Cullen Pte 367 3rd Batt
Cullen Pte 1728 4th Batt
Cullen Pte 423 4th Batt
Cullen Pte 7362 1st Batt
Cullen Pte 3924 4th Batt
Cullen Pte 4650 5th Batt
Cullen Pte 4416 5th Batt
Cullen Pte 6847 4th Batt
Cullen F L/Cpl 4655 2nd Batt
Cullen J Pte 2880 1st Batt
Cullen J Pte 5836 2nd Batt
Cullen P Colour Sgt 5204 2nd Batt
Cullen P Pte 4592 2nd Batt
Cullen W Pte 4063 1st Batt
Culleton Pte 6756 4th Batt
Culley Pte 1001 3rd Batt
Cullion Pte 2347 2nd Batt
Cully Pte 5669 4th Batt
Cully Pte 2785 5th Batt
Cummins Pte 3354 1st Batt
Cummins Pte 5515 1st Batt
Cummins Pte 3218 1st Batt
Cummins Pte 4195 1st Batt
Cummins Pte 4058 1st Batt
Cummins Pte 6021 2nd Batt
Cummins Pte 2158 3rd Batt
Cummins Pte 4170 5th Batt
Cummins Pte 2218 5th Batt
Cummins W Pte 6603 1st Batt
Cummiskey P Pte 2706 1st Batt
Cumnock L/Cpl 6693 1st Batt
Cunningham Pte 3925 1st Batt
Cunningham Pte 6791 1st Batt
Cunningham Sgt 4209 2nd Batt
Cunningham H Pte 5037 2nd Batt
Cunningham Pte 7451 1st Batt
Cunningham Pte 3970 5th Batt
Cunningham J Pte 6529 1st Batt
Curran Pte 6019 2nd Batt
Curran Pte 7122 1st Batt
Curran Pte 4776 4th Batt
Curran Sgt 4660 4th Batt
Curran Pte 5831 4th Batt
Curran Pte 4451 5th Batt
Curran L/Cpl 4905 2nd Batt
Curran D Pte 4325 2nd Batt
Curran J Cpl 4882 1st Batt
Curran T J Drummer 4719 5th Batt
Curry Cpl 4444 5th Batt
Curtan Pte 5613 4th Batt
Curtis J Pte 4686 2nd Batt
Curtis Pte 4445 4th Batt
Curtis J L/Cpl 6289 2nd Batt
Cushing Pte 5725 1st Batt
Dalton Pte 6486 1st Batt
Dalton Pte 5328 2nd Batt
Dalton Pte 6134 2nd Batt
Dalton Pte 4459 5th Batt
Dalton Pte 3687 5th Batt
Dalton M Cpl 5353 2nd Batt
Dalton M Pte 5993 2nd Batt
Daly P Pte 2957 1st Batt
Daly Sgt 4936 2nd Batt
Daly P Pte 5217 2nd Batt
Daly J Pte 5817 2nd Batt
Daly J Pte 6367 2nd Batt
Daly J Pte 6505 2nd Batt
Daly Pte 6648 2nd Batt
Daly L/Cpl 4656 4th Batt
Daly Pte 2870 4th Batt
Daly D Drummer 5588 4th Batt
Daly Pte 6940 4th Batt
Daly J Sgt 4956 1st Batt
Daly O Pte 5316 2nd Batt
Daly P L/Cpl 5280 2nd Batt
Daniels Pte 3113 1st Batt
Daniels W Pte 7301 1st Batt
Danils Sgt 3015 4th Batt
Darby Drummer 6313 1st Batt
Darby Pte 6948 4th Batt
Darby Pte 6948 4th Batt
D’arcy J Pte 6450 1st Batt
D’arcy Pte 2807 1st Batt
D’arcy Pte 6438 1st Batt
D’arcy M Cpl 6738 1st Batt
D’arcy P Pte 4883 1st Batt
D’arcy P Pte 4883 1st Batt
Dardell Pte 5118 4th Batt
Dardis Colour Sgt 2152 1st Batt
Dargan Pte 4994 1st Batt
Davidson-Hounton Captain
Davis J Pte 6300 1st Batt
Davis T Pte 5697 2nd Batt
Davis Pte 2237 2nd Batt
Davis Pte 1382 4th Batt
Davis Pte 6238 4th Batt
Davis Cpl 4595 5th Batt
Davis F Sgt 838 2nd Batt
Davis O J L/Cpl 5327 2nd Batt
Davoran Pte 5191 2nd Batt
Dawse Pte 6350 2nd Batt
Dawson Pte 5094 4th Batt
Day Pte 295 3rd Batt
Day Pte 5101 4th Batt
Day Pte 3585 5th Batt
De Burgh Lieut
De Salis E A A Lieut
Deasey C Pte 7356 1st Batt
Deegan C Pte 4330 1st Batt
Deegan Pte 1872 2nd Batt
Deegan Pte 289 3rd Batt
Deegan Pte 990 3rd Batt
Deegan Pte 7037 3rd Batt
Deering Pte 4016 5th Batt
Deevey Pte 6560 2nd Batt
Deevey P Pte 4193 1st Batt
Delahunt Pte 2433 1st Batt
Delaney Pte 3272 1st Batt
Delaney Pte 3921 1st Batt
Delaney Colour Sgt 4318 1st Batt
Delaney Pte 1845 2nd Batt
Delaney Pte 5839 2nd Batt
Delaney Pte 6623 2nd Batt
Delaney Pte 3124 4th Batt
Delaney Pte 5829 4th Batt
Delaney Pte 5264 4th Batt
Delaney M Pte 2585 5th Batt
Delaney L/Cpl 6463 5th Batt
Delaney Pte 6815 4th Batt
Delaney Pte 4416 1st Batt
Delaney E Pte 5235 2nd Batt
Delaney L Pte 6126 2nd Batt
Dempsey Pte 7182 1st Batt
Dempsey Pte 1634 1st Batt
Dempsey Pte 3333 1st Batt
Dempsey Pte 6627 1st Batt
Dempsey D Pte 576 2nd Batt
Dempsey Pte 1914 2nd Batt
Dempsey Pte 5724 2nd Batt
Dempsey Pte 3554 5th Batt
Dempsey Pte 4496 4th Batt
Dempsey Pte 5300 4th Batt
Dempsey Pte 7182 4th Batt
Dempsey Pte 2605 5th Batt
Dempsey Pte 3506 5th Batt
Dempsey Pte 6788 4th Batt
Dempsey Pte 870 3rd Batt
Dempsey H Pte 6155 2nd Batt
Dempsey P Pte 2827 1st Batt
Dempsey P Pte 3873 1st Batt
Dennany Sgt 3738 5th Batt
Dennehy J Pte 5461 2nd Batt
Dennis 2nd Lieut
Derwin P Pte 4539 2nd Batt
Desmond Pte 5816 4th Batt
Devereux Pte 3855 2nd Batt
Devereux P Pte 6004 1st Batt
Devine Pte 4169 1st Batt
Devine Pte 4971 2nd Batt
Devine Pte 5351 2nd Batt
Devine Pte 4532 4th Batt
Devlin Pte 3121 4th Batt
Devlin Pte 7260 4th Batt
Devlin Pte 6939 4th Batt
Devoy Cpl 5911 4th Batt
Dewin Pte 5607 2nd Batt
Dibley A Captain
Dickson Pte 2753 4th Batt
Digby-Johnson Lieut
Dignan L L/Cpl 3448 2nd Batt
Dignan Pte 5812 2nd Batt
Dignan Pte 6139 2nd Batt
Dignum L/Cpl 6831 1st Batt
Dillon Pte 2499 1st Batt
Dillon Pte 3978 1st Batt
Dillon Pte 4420 1st Batt
Dillon R Sgt 5086 2nd Batt
Dillon Pte 5219 2nd Batt
Dillon Pte 5334 2nd Batt
Dillon W Pte 5219 5th Batt
Dillon Pte 7394 1st Batt
Dillon Pte 4793 4th Batt
Dillon Pte 5239 4th Batt
Dillon Pte 5324 4th Batt
Dillon J Pte 5710 4th Batt
Dillon Pte 7118 4th Batt
Dillon F Pte 5833 2nd Batt
Dillon J Pte 3775 5th Batt
Dillon R Pte 6965 4th Batt
Dixon Pte 5333 2nd Batt
Dixon Pte 2957 4th Batt
Dixon Pte 4830 4th Batt
Dixon L/Cpl 5104 4th Batt
Dixon Pte 4206 5th Batt
Dixon J Pte 5909 2nd Batt
Dobbs Pte 6432 2nd Batt
Docherty Pte 7068 1st Batt
Dodd J L/Cpl 3776 5th Batt
Doheney E Pte 5712 2nd Batt
Doherty H Sgt 4341 2nd Batt
Doherty Pte 4944 2nd Batt
Doherty Pte 7068 4th Batt
Doherty Pte 4506 5th Batt
Doherty Pte 2277 5th Batt
Doherty Pte 6822 4th Batt
Doherty F Pte 3125 1st Batt
Dokes R L/Cpl 7257 1st Batt
Dolan P Pte 3476 1st Batt
Domican Pte 2060 3rd Batt
Donaldson Pte 5293 4th Batt
Donegan Pte 4400 4th Batt
Donegan Pte 5653 4th Batt
Donegan J Pte 2712 1st Batt
Donegan J Pte 3501 1st Batt
Donnelly C Pte 3451 1st Batt
Donnelly T Pte 4735 2nd Batt
Donnelly Cpl 5823 2nd Batt
Donnelly Pte 2936 5th Batt
Donnelly Cpl 5747 4th Batt
Donnelly Pte 4834 4th Batt
Donnelly Pte 3682 5th Batt
Donnelly Pte 3563 5th Batt
Donnelly Pte 7160 4th Batt
Donnelly Pte 6934 4th Batt
Donnelly J Pte 6841 4th Batt
Donnelly J Pte 2648 1st Batt
Donnolly Pte 5577 1st Batt
Donnolly J Pte 4711 1st Batt
Donoghue D Pte 3365 1st Batt
Donohoe J Pte 4231 1st Batt
Donohoe J Cpl 4392 1st Batt
Donohoe T Pte 6887 4th Batt
Donohue L/Sgt 2479 1st Batt
Donohue Pte 3837 1st Batt
Donohue B Pte 6059 2nd Batt
Donohue Pte 2982 5th Batt
Donohue Pte 6957 5th Batt
Donohue Pte 7235 1st Batt
Donohue Pte 7330 1st Batt
Donohue P Pte 4433 4th Batt
Donohue Pte 3740 5th Batt
Donohue Pte 4407 5th Batt
Donohue E Pte 5937 2nd Batt
Donovan Pte 3732 2nd Batt
Donovan Pte 5198 2nd Batt
Donovan Sgt 3024 4th Batt
Donovan Pte 3812 5th Batt
Donovan L/Sgt 3168 5th Batt
Doody Pte 2789 1st Batt
Doody Pte 5027 2nd Batt
Doody Cpl 5935 4th Batt
Doody M Pte 3449 1st Batt
Doogan J Pte 5249 2nd Batt
Doolan Cpl 5602 4th Batt
Doolan J Pte 4380 2nd Batt
Dooley Pte 3058 1st Batt
Dooley P Pte 5099 2nd Batt
Dooley Cpl 4470 5th Batt
Doolin Pte 5838 4th Batt
Doolin Drummer 5473 4th Batt
Doran Pte 3923 1st Batt
Doran Pte 4369 2nd Batt
Doran J Pte 5953 2nd Batt
Doran Pte 1217 3rd Batt
Dornan Pte 4354 4th Batt
Dougal Pte 5905 2nd Batt
Douglas Pte 6411 1st Batt
Douglas F Pte 5225 2nd Batt
Dowd Pte 4999 2nd Batt
Dowdall Pte 3990 1st Batt
Dowdall J Pte 6584 2nd Batt
Dowdall L Pte 5857 1st Batt
Dowdall P Pte 7105 1st Batt
Dowgan Pte 8638 4th Batt
Dowler Pte 5184 2nd Batt
Dowling Pte 3883 1st Batt
Dowling J Pte 3454 1st Batt
Dowling Pte 4526 1st Batt
Dowling C Pte 6205 1st Batt
Dowling Pte 4096 1st Batt
Dowling W Pte 5533 2nd Batt
Dowling Pte 5799 2nd Batt
Dowling J Pte 6112 2nd Batt
Dowling Pte 6565 2nd Batt
Dowling A Pte 6215 1st Batt
Dowling A Pte 6025 2nd Batt
Dowlins Pte 2311 1st Batt
Dowman Cpl 5077 2nd Batt
Dowman Pte 5381 4th Batt
Downing G Captain
Downs M Pte 4579 1st Batt
Doyle Pte 1644 1st Batt
Doyle J Pte 6281 1st Batt
Doyle Pte 6763 1st Batt
Doyle P Pte 6423 1st Batt
Doyle Pte 2886 1st Batt
Doyle L/Cpl 1936 1st Batt
Doyle Pte 3350 1st Batt
Doyle P Pte 3608 1st Batt
Doyle Pte 4022 1st Batt
Doyle L/Cpl 1648 1st Batt
Doyle Pte 2828 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 2962 2nd Batt
Doyle J Pte 3234 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 4366 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 4062 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 5249 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 5821 2nd Batt
Doyle C Pte 5854 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 6115 2nd Batt
Doyle P Pte 6490 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 6683 2nd Batt
Doyle Pte 266 3rd Batt
Doyle Pte 656 3rd Batt
Doyle Pte 882 3rd Batt
Doyle Pte 1576 3rd Batt
Doyle Pte 1690 3rd Batt
Doyle Pte 2844 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 3706 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 2877 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 2553 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 5149 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 2752 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 5358 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 5858 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 5862 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 5893 4th Batt
Doyle Pte 3305 5th Batt
Doyle H Pte 4276 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 3509 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 4415 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 4001 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 2293 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 4250 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 3052 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 4068 5th Batt
Doyle Pte 3690 5th Batt
Doyle J Pte 6910 4th Batt
Doyle C Pte 7025 4th Batt
Doyle D Pte 4275 1st Batt
Doyle D Pte 4446 2nd Batt
Doyle E L/Sgt 5827 1st Batt
Doyle E Pte 5390 2nd Batt
Doyle J Pte 6826 4th Batt
Doyle J Pte 4815 2nd Batt
Doyle J Pte 347 3rd Batt
Doyle J Pte 2204 5th Batt
Doyle M Pte 5478 2nd Batt
Doyle P Pte 7275 1st Batt
Doyle T Pte 1160 5th Batt
Doyle T Pte 4149 1st Batt
Doyle T Pte 5042 2nd Batt
Doyle T Pte 5620 2nd Batt
Doyle W Pte 6818 4th Batt
Doyle W Pte 4455 1st Batt
Drew J Pte 5297 2nd Batt
Driscoll L/Cpl 4686 1st Batt
Driscoll M Pte 4676 2nd Batt
Drohan Pte 5681 2nd Batt
Duff Pte 2385 4th Batt
Duff Pte 2819 5th Batt
Duff Pte 5826 4th Batt
Duffin J Pte 1726 2nd Batt
Duffy Pte 4484 1st Batt
Duffy Drummer 5398 1st Batt
Duffy J Pte 5085 2nd Batt
Duffy Pte 6390 2nd Batt
Duffy J Pte 6476 2nd Batt
Duffy J Pte 6497 2nd Batt
Duffy Pte 630 3rd Batt
Duffy Pte 5363 4th Batt
Duffy Pte 5782 4th Batt
Duffy Pte 5599 4th Batt
Duffy A Pte 7450 1st Batt
Duffy E Pte 5359 5th Batt
Duggan Pte 6358 2nd Batt
Duggan Pte 6343 2nd Batt
Duggan Pte 2946 4th Batt
Duggan Pte 5769 4th Batt
Dunbar Pte 6207 1st Batt
Duncan A Pte 3420 1st Batt
Duncan Sgt 3246 2nd Batt
Dunleavy Pte 7514 1st Batt
Dunleavy Pte 7268 1st Batt
Dunlop Pte 3296 4th Batt
Dunne Drummer 6406 1st Batt
Dunne J Pte 4126 1st Batt
Dunne J Colour Sgt 2396 1st Batt
Dunne Pte 3701 1st Batt
Dunne Pte 2332 2nd Batt
Dunne Pte 4565 2nd Batt
Dunne Pte 4988 2nd Batt
Dunne Pte 5140 2nd Batt
Dunne Pte 5209 2nd Batt
Dunne Pte 5839 2nd Batt
Dunne T Pte 6363 2nd Batt
Dunne Pte 123 3rd Batt
Dunne Pte 2390 5th Batt
Dunne Pte 7237 1st Batt
Dunne Pte 7415 1st Batt
Dunne Pte 5362 4th Batt
Dunne Pte 7190 4th Batt
Dunne Pte 3973 5th Batt
Dunne Pte 3711 5th Batt
Dunne J Pte 3447 1st Batt
Dunne J Cpl 6064 2nd Batt
Dunne J Pte 1088 4th Batt
Dunne M Pte 6781 1st Batt
Dunne M Colour Sgt 3765 5th Batt
Dunne P Pte 7427 1st Batt
Dunne T Pte 5640 2nd Batt
Dunnett Pte 5365 1st Batt
Dunney A Pte 6553 1st Batt
Dunphy Pte 6605 1st Batt
Dunphy Pte 3166 1st Batt
Dunphy Pte 3847 1st Batt
Dunphy Pte 4021 2nd Batt
Dunphy E Pte 6844 4th Batt
Dunphy J L/Cpl 3498 2nd Batt
Dunphy R Pte 6811 4th Batt
Dwyer S Pte 6457 1st Batt
Dwyer Pte 6430 1st Batt
Dwyer Cpl 5887 4th Batt
Dwyer J Pte 5936 4th Batt
Dwyer J Pte 5741 2nd Batt
Dwyer L Pte 6140 2nd Batt
Dwyer T M Sgt 1043 1st Batt
Dynam Pte 7277 1st Batt
Earls Pte 6814 2nd Batt
Ears M Pte 4686 2nd Batt
Easty Pte 5740 2nd Batt
Easty Pte 7258 1st Batt
Eccles Pte 4141 1st Batt
Edwards L A Drummer 6191 2nd Batt
Edwards R Pte 5904 2nd Batt
Egan Pte 7302 1st Batt
Egan Cpl 4369 5th Batt
Elgy Pte 6793 2nd Batt
Elkin Pte 3987 1st Batt
Ellard Drummer 5925 2nd Batt
Elliott W Pte 6163 1st Batt
Elliott J Pte 6812 1st Batt
Elliott A L/Cpl 5689 1st Batt
Ellis Sgt 5476 1st Batt
Ellis F Pte 4305 1st Batt
Ellis Pte 5208 4th Batt
Ellis Pte 4440 4th Batt
Ellis E Pte 4395 2nd Batt
Elston Pte 1477 2nd Batt
Elston John Pte 7055 4th Batt
Ely T B Lieut
Emerson H 2nd Lieut
English J Pte 1016 3rd Batt
English Major
Ennis Pte 3607 5th Batt
Ennis Pte 6985 4th Batt
Ennis J Pte 6927 4th Batt
Enright J Pte 4284 1st Batt
Enwright J Pte 5687 2nd Batt
Erney Pte 5461 2nd Batt
Erty Pte 4182 4th Batt
Eston J Pte 3839 1st Batt
Evans Pte 3266 1st Batt
Evans G Pte 6080 1st Batt
Evans Sgt 4167 5th Batt
Evans Colour Sgt 2911 5th Batt
Fabey Pte 5669 1st Batt
Fagan R Pte 2537 1st Batt
Fagan J Pte 4457 1st Batt
Fagan Pte 6541 1st Batt
Fagan J Pte 4457 2nd Batt
Fagan Pte 5774 2nd Batt
Fagan Pte 6355 2nd Batt
Fagan E Pte 1765 5th Batt
Fagan Pte 5891 4th Batt
Fagan Pte 5210 4th Batt
Fagan Pte 1073 5th Batt
Fagan Pte 3409 5th Batt
Fagan Pte 2855 5th Batt
Fahey Pte 6620 2nd Batt
Fahey Drummer 5558 5th Batt
Falconer F Pte 3506 1st Batt
Fallon Pte 6636 2nd Batt
Fallon J Pte 6459 2nd Batt
Fanning Pte 1883 3rd Batt
Fanning Pte 6871 4th Batt
Fannon Pte 6970 4th Batt
Farley L/Cpl 4558 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 4287 1st Batt
Farrell M Pte 4467 1st Batt
Farrell W Pte 4493 1st Batt
Farrell Pte 5126 2nd Batt
Farrell W Pte 5350 2nd Batt
Farrell Pte 5667 2nd Batt
Farrell Pte 6069 2nd Batt
Farrell Pte 5219 2nd Batt
Farrell Pte 1120 3rd Batt
Farrell Pte 1698 3rd Batt
Farrell Pte 1039 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 1033 5th Batt
Farrell Pte 5626 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 5700 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 5133 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 5582 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 4462 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 7399 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 4637 5th Batt
Farrell Pte 2338 5th Batt
Farrell Pte 45 5th Batt
Farrell Pte 3458 5th Batt
Farrell Pte 4582 5th Batt
Farrell Pte 7194 4th Batt
Farrell Pte 1435 2nd Batt
Farrell Sgt 1590 2nd Batt
Farrell Pte 1698 2nd Batt
Farrell Pte 3209 2nd Batt
Farrell M L/Sgt 3758 2nd Batt
Farrell B Pte 1461 2nd Batt
Farrell J Pte 1377 2nd Batt
Farrell J Pte 2096 5th Batt
Farrell M Pte 3574 1st Batt
Farrell M Pte 6447 2nd Batt
Farrell P Pte 5284 2nd Batt
Farrelly Pte 5306 2nd Batt
Farrelly Pte 2375 5th Batt
Farrelly Pte 1362 5th Batt
Farrelly Pte 6930 4th Batt
Farrelly O Pte 6489 1st Batt
Farrington J Pte 3767 5th Batt
Faulkner Pte 5307 2nd Batt
Fay W Pte 4163 2nd Batt
Fay Pte 5760 4th Batt
Fay R Pte 5125 1st Batt
Faye J Pte 4747 2nd Batt
Feehan F Pte 6938 4th Batt
Feeney Pte 1067 5th Batt
Fenelon Pte 3836 1st Batt
Fenelon J Pte 5822 2nd Batt
Fennell M Pte 2336 1st Batt
Fenton Cpl 4569 5th Batt
Ferguson L/Cpl 6128 2nd Batt
Ferguson J Pte 7312 1st Batt
Ferguson A Pte 6917 1st Batt
Fermoyle Pte 6750 4th Batt
Ferris Pte 2917 5th Batt
Fetherstonhaugh Captain
Field Pte 5249 4th Batt
Field Pte 5678 4th Batt
Fields B Drummer 3914 5th Batt
Finegan Pte 3854 5th Batt
Finlay A Drummer 5752 1st Batt
Finlay Pte 5985 2nd Batt
Finlay Lieut Colonel
Finlay Captain
Finn Pte 3965 1st Batt
Finn Pte 4230 1st Batt
Finn Pte 3884 2nd Batt
Finn Pte 5183 2nd Batt
Finn C Pte 5551 2nd Batt
Finn P Pte 3302 4th Batt
Finn P Pte 4163 5th Batt
Finnegan Pte 1823 2nd Batt
Finnegan Pte 5157 4th Batt
Finnegan Cpl 5875 4th Batt
Finnegan J Pte 5714 2nd Batt
Finnegan W Pte 2923 1st Batt
Finnigan Pte 5235 1st Batt
Firzzill L/Cpl 6372 1st Batt
Fitxgerald Pte 5254 4th Batt
Fitxgerald Pte 1796 4th Batt
Fitzgerald J Pte 5096 1st Batt
Fitzgerald T Cpl 5294 2nd Batt
Fitzgerald J Pte 5096 1st Batt
Fitzgerald J Pte 3815 2nd Batt
Fitzgerald J Pte 6814 4th Batt
Fitzgerald J Pte 4490 2nd Batt
Fitzgerald T Pte 4680 2nd Batt
Fitzgerald W Pte 7013 4th Batt
Fitzgerald-Lombard Lieut
Fitzharris Pte 6093 2nd Batt
Fitzharris Pte 3107 5th Batt
Fitzmaurce Pte 5506 4th Batt
Fitzmorris D Pte 5120 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 4138 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 2829 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick T L/Cpl 3543 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 3096 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 6566 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 6231 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 4597 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick P Pte 5691 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 6158 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick C Pte 6587 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 3810 3rd Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 4619 5th Batt
Fitzpatrick Pte 6859 4th Batt
Fitzpatrick C Pte 5156 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick C J Drummer 6288 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick H A C Pte 6177 2nd Batt
Fitzpatrick J Pte 7153 1st Batt
Fitzpatrick J Pte 6893 4th Batt
Fitzpatrick J Pte 5862 2nd Batt
Fitzsimmons Pte 4380 5th Batt
Fitzsimons Pte 3877 1st Batt
Fitzsimons Pte 5900 4th Batt
Fitzsimons G Pte 5938 2nd Batt
Flanagan J Pte 5500 1st Batt
Flanagan Pte 2661 4th Batt
Flanagan Pte 2723 5th Batt
Flanagan Pte 5395 4th Batt
Flanagan Pte 4432 5th Batt
Flanagan Pte 6854 4th Batt
Flanagan Pte 6019 2nd Batt
Flanagan J Pte 6498 2nd Batt
Flanagan T L/Cpl 2532 1st Batt
Flanagan T Pte 4542 2nd Batt
Flannery Cpl 2367 1st Batt
Flannery P L/Cpl 4879 1st Batt
Fleming Pte 1612 2nd Batt
Fleming Pte 5893 2nd Batt
Fleming T Pte 6100 2nd Batt
Fleming Pte 6918 4th Batt
Flood L/Cpl 4972 1st Batt
Flood P Pte 6010 1st Batt
Flood T Pte 3710 1st Batt
Flood Pte 5131 1st Batt
Flood Pte 1787 2nd Batt
Flood Pte 1078 2nd Batt
Flood Pte 4525 2nd Batt
Flood Pte 4238 2nd Batt
Flood V Pte 5617 2nd Batt
Flood W Pte 5789 2nd Batt
Flood A Pte 4593 2nd Batt
Flood F L/Cpl 6585 1st Batt
Flood J Pte 5826 2nd Batt
Floyd G Pte 4531 5th Batt
Floyd J Pte 5344 2nd Batt
Fluck A Drummer 6506 2nd Batt
Flynn Pte 3244 1st Batt
Flynn Pte 4932 2nd Batt
Flynn Pte 5735 2nd Batt
Flynn Pte 6286 2nd Batt
Flynn Pte 2159 3rd Batt
Flynn Pte 3924 4th Batt
Flynn J Cpl 5143 2nd Batt
Flynn J Sgt 3514 1st Batt
Flynn W Pte 7104 1st Batt
Fogarty Pte 2114 2nd Batt
Fogarty P Pte 2147 1st Batt
Fogarty P Pte 4184 1st Batt
Foley L/Sgt 5623 2nd Batt
Foley Pte 739 3rd Batt
Foley Pte 5150 4th Batt
Foley Pte 5387 4th Batt
Foley T Pte 4472 5th Batt
Foley Pte 3671 4th Batt
Foley J Pte 2889 1st Batt
Foran Pte 153 3rd Batt
Foran J Pte 4643 2nd Batt
Foran J Pte 7327 1st Batt
Ford Colour Sgt 795 1st Batt
Foreman Pte 3500 5th Batt
Forest Pte 3883 5th Batt
Forrester Pte 3098 1st Batt
Forrester Cpl 4292 5th Batt
Forster Pte 5246 1st Batt
Fox Pte 4519 1st Batt
Fox P Pte 6429 1st Batt
Fox Pte 3370 1st Batt
Fox T L/Cpl 5040 2nd Batt
Fox Pte 2582 5th Batt
Fox Sgt 4596 4th Batt
Fox Pte 4467 5th Batt
Fox Pte 3009 5th Batt
Fox C Pte 7114 1st Batt
Fox H Pte 4823 1st Batt
Fox T Pte 6399 2nd Batt
Foy Pte 398 4th Batt
Foy Pte 5252 4th Batt
Foy Pte 4931 4th Batt
Frahill P Pte 2753 2nd Batt
Francis M Pte 5036 2nd Batt
Francy Pte 5186 4th Batt
Franklin Captain
Franklin Lieut
Franklin J Pte 5625 2nd Batt
Freeman Cpl 2439 1st Batt
Freeman W Pte 6508 4th Batt
Freeney Pte 2826 1st Batt
Freeney Pte 6030 2nd Batt
French Pte 1404 2nd Batt
French Q/Mas Sgt 677 2nd Batt
Friel J Pte 7011 4th Batt
Frohlich F Pte 4372 2nd Batt
Frost G F Cpl 4419 1st Batt
Fulham P Pte 6746 4th Batt
Furlong N L/Cpl 6180 1st Batt
Furlong Pte 4303 2nd Batt
Furlong Pte 4627 4th Batt
Fury Pte 3766 5th Batt
Gaddwell W Pte 1846 5th Batt
Gaffney Pte 1724 2nd Batt
Gaffney Cpl 2890 2nd Batt
Gaffney Pte 5973 2nd Batt
Gage Captain
Gage J Colour Sgt 3467 2nd Batt
Gage J E F Colour Sgt 2615 2nd Batt
Gains Pte 7006 4th Batt
Galbrath P Pte 5359 2nd Batt
Gallagher Pte 4154 1st Batt
Gallagher Pte 6772 2nd Batt
Gallagher Pte 5723 2nd Batt
Gallagher Pte 3095 4th Batt
Gallagher Pte 5326 4th Batt
Gallagher Sgt 5152 4th Batt
Gallagher Pte 4538 5th Batt
Gallagher Drummer 2889 5th Batt
Gallagher J Pte 3251 5th Batt
Gallagher O Pte 4489 1st Batt
Galvin Pte 1720 2nd Batt
Galway L/Sgt 5638 1st Batt
Galway E Pte 5998 2nd Batt
Gamble T Pte 3879 1st Batt
Gamble R Pte 7008 4th Batt
Gannon Pte 3684 1st Batt
Gannon Pte 4204 4th Batt
Gannon C Pte 3579 5th Batt
Garbutt Pte 3326 2nd Batt
Gardiner J Sgt Drummer 6204 5th Batt
Garland Pte 6896 4th Batt
Garner W H Sgt 5562 2nd Batt
Garvice C Lieut
Gaskin C Cpl 3954 5th Batt
Gatford Pte 4241 4th Batt
Gavan Pte 1729 2nd Batt
Gavan J L/Sgt 5805 1st Batt
Gavin Pte 6701 2nd Batt
Gavin Pte 7393 1st Batt
Gavin Pte 3233 5th Batt
Gay M Pte 6998 2nd Batt
Gaynor Pte 1633 5th Batt
Geary Cpl 4540 4th Batt
Geary Pte 7112 4th Batt
Geogehan Pte 5489 2nd Batt
Geoghegan Pte 4897 1st Batt
Geoghegan Pte 4055 2nd Batt
Geoghegan L/Cpl 4025 4th Batt
Geoghegan Pte 5411 4th Batt
Geoghegan Pte 3935 5th Batt
Geoghegan W Pte 6986 4th Batt
George 2nd Lieut
Geraghty Pte 5168 2nd Batt
Geraghty Pte 5493 4th Batt
Geraghty H Pte 5627 1st Batt
Geraghty W Pte 7432 1st Batt
Gernon Lieut Colonel
Gervine Pte 7386 1st Batt
Gibbons Pte 4313 2nd Batt
Gibbons Pte 287 5th Batt
Gibbons J Sgt 4986 2nd Batt
Gibney P Pte 6829 4th Batt
Gibney Pte 6215 2nd Batt
Gibney H Pte 4964 2nd Batt
Gibney J Pte 4177 1st Batt
Gibney J Pte 5136 1st Batt
Gibson J L/Cpl 6287 2nd Batt
Giff J Pte 6946 4th Batt
Gilbert Pte 4316 1st Batt
Gilbert Pte 5102 4th Batt
Gill Pte 6852 2nd Batt
Gillan Pte 2969 1st Batt
Gillespie Pte 3630 5th Batt
Gillespie T Pte 3169 1st Batt
Gillespie W Sgt Major 3961 4th Batt
Gillick Pte 5402 4th Batt
Gilligan Pte 2157 4th Batt
Gillooley W Pte 6096 2nd Batt
Gilson Pte 3449 5th Batt
Githens J Pte 4368 2nd Batt
Gittens J R Sgt 3059 1st Batt
Glasspool Drummer 5858 1st Batt
Gleeson Pte 4786 1st Batt
Gleeson Pte 7043 3rd Batt
Gleeson F Cpl 4863 2nd Batt
Gleeson T Pte 5600 2nd Batt
Glennon Pte 1670 2nd Batt
Glennon Sgt 5607 2nd Batt
Glorney M Pte 3047 1st Batt
Glynn Pte 4566 2nd Batt
Glynn T Pte 7169 1st Batt
Glynn Pte 4578 4th Batt
Glynn Pte 2779 5th Batt
Glynn B Pte 5968 2nd Batt
Glynn R Pte 5274 2nd Batt
Godfrey Pte 4086 1st Batt
Godfrey L/Cpl 4250 1st Batt
Goff 2nd Lieut
Goff T Pte 6057 2nd Batt
Gomley L/Sgt 4036 1st Batt
Goodall Pte 3384 1st Batt
Goodman Pte 3802 2nd Batt
Goodwin Pte 4400 5th Batt
Goodwin W H 2nd Lieut
Gordon L/Cpl 5528 2nd Batt
Gordon Pte 6943 4th Batt
Gordon Major
Gordon J Pte 17 3rd Batt
Gorman Pte 3686 1st Batt
Gorman E Pte 6544 1st Batt
Gorman Colour Sgt 4569 2nd Batt
Gorman Pte 5211 2nd Batt
Gorman Pte 5751 2nd Batt
Gorman Pte 2073 3rd Batt
Gorman Pte 1720 5th Batt
Gorman C Pte 5078 2nd Batt
Gorman P Pte 4043 5th Batt
Gosson Pte 6747 1st Batt
Gosson J Pte 7360 1st Batt
Gough Pte 1380 3rd Batt
Gough W Pte 4178 2nd Batt
Goughran L/Cpl 6042 2nd Batt
Goulter B Pte 3320 1st Batt
Gouran Pte 132 3rd Batt
Gowran Pte 5962 1st Batt
Grace Sgt 4894 2nd Batt
Graham Pte 4932 4th Batt
Graham Pte 3564 5th Batt
Graham Cpl 4085 5th Batt
Graham Pte 4375 5th Batt
Graham A L/Cpl 6203 1st Batt
Graham J Pte 4716 2nd Batt
Grant Cpl 3369 1st Batt
Grant J B Colour Sgt 1140 1st Batt
Grant Pte 3178 1st Batt
Grant Pte 3453 1st Batt
Grant Pte 2778 1st Batt
Grant Pte 5567 4th Batt
Grant R Colour Sgt 1180 4th Batt
Grantham Pte 7179 1st Batt
Gray Pte 4390 1st Batt
Gray H Pte 5096 2nd Batt
Gray Pte 6088 2nd Batt
Gray Pte 5735 4th Batt
Gray L Pte 5686 2nd Batt
Grayer Pte 5592 4th Batt
Greaves Pte 4564 5th Batt
Green J Pte 4829 1st Batt
Green Sgt Drummer 2306 4th Batt
Green L/Cpl 5645 4th Batt
Green Pte 5379 4th Batt
Green Pte 6243 5th Batt
Green Pte 3259 5th Batt
Green Pte 6501 2nd Batt
Green J Cpl 4868 2nd Batt
Green P Pte 3101 1st Batt
Green P Pte 6977 4th Batt
Green R Pte 2228 1st Batt
Greene Pte 6888 4th Batt
Greene J Pte 5790 2nd Batt
Greenlees A Pte 2239 1st Batt
Greer J Pte 5047 2nd Batt
Gregg Pte 4569 5th Batt
Gregory Pte 4723 2nd Batt
Greig Pte 4084 1st Batt
Grendon J Pte 2950 1st Batt
Grey Pte 4366 4th Batt
Gribb Pte 1447 4th Batt
Grierson Pte 3487 1st Batt
Griffin Pte 4899 1st Batt
Griffin Pte 3264 4th Batt
Griffin Pte 5503 4th Batt
Griffin Captain
Griffin J Pte 7007 4th Batt
Griffiths Pte 4466 4th Batt
Grigg Pte 3285 1st Batt
Grimes Pte 1453 3rd Batt
Grimes Pte 2108 3rd Batt
Grimes Pte 6915 4th Batt
Grimes W Pte 2327 5th Batt
Grimes W Pte 2108 4th Batt
Grimley Pte 3762 2nd Batt
Grimley Pte 2984 4th Batt
Groom Pte 1100 3rd Batt
Grosert J H Colour Sgt 6060 4th Batt
Groughran R Pte 5777 2nd Batt
Grouse Sgt 4432 4th Batt
Groves Pte 6386 1st Batt
Groves Pte 6954 3rd Batt
Guest Pte 5373 2nd Batt
Guest A Sgt 4856 1st Batt
Guilfoyle Pte 3795 1st Batt
Guilfoyle Pte 5018 4th Batt
Guilfoyle Pte 7265 4th Batt
Guilfoyle C Colour Sgt 3278 2nd Batt
Guilfoyle M Sgt 4388 2nd Batt
Gwynne Pte 6724 2nd Batt
Hackett Major
Hackett T Pte 5157 1st Batt
Hackett T Pte 5520 2nd Batt
Hagan Pte 2406 2nd Batt
Haggerty D Pte 3935 1st Batt
Hague L/Cpl 5360 4th Batt
Haines Pte 3192 5th Batt
Halahan Lieut
Halfpenny Pte 6995 1st Batt
Hall Pte 4120 2nd Batt
Hall Pte 4825 4th Batt
Hall R S Sgt 5039 1st Batt
Hallahan R Sgt 5114 2nd Batt
Halligan Pte 6806 4th Batt
Hallinan Pte 4792 1st Batt
Hallington Pte 7026 4th Batt
Halloran Pte 4406 5th Batt
Halpin M Pte 3035 1st Batt
Halpin F Pte 3147 1st Batt
Halpin Pte 5576 2nd Batt
Halpin Pte 6058 2nd Batt
Halpin C Pte 2965 4th Batt
Hamilton Pte 5418 4th Batt
Hamilton Pte 8486 4th Batt
Hamilton Lieut
Hamilton W Sgt 501 2nd Batt
Hamon Pte 2572 5th Batt
Hampson W Pte 7478 1st Batt
Hand H Pte 4473 2nd Batt
Hanley D Cpl 6094 2nd Batt
Hanlon Pte 2220 1st Batt
Hanlon Pte 6198 1st Batt
Hanlon L/Cpl 4970 2nd Batt
Hanlon Pte 6353 2nd Batt
Hanlon Pte 3245 5th Batt
Hanlon Pte 4413 4th Batt
Hanly Pte 5088 2nd Batt
Hanna Sgt 3105 2nd Batt
Hannigan Pte 5877 2nd Batt
Hannon Pte 2221 1st Batt
Hannon Pte 3998 5th Batt
Hannon Pte 6900 4th Batt
Hanoran Pte 2541 2nd Batt
Hanraham J Sgt 4499 2nd Batt
Hardy M Pte 6295 1st Batt
Hare L/Cpl 4445 5th Batt
Hare Pte 6939 4th Batt
Harling T Pte 7017 4th Batt
Harman Pte 1415 2nd Batt
Harper G Cpl 4947 2nd Batt
Harris Pte 5250 2nd Batt
Harris Pte 3432 5th Batt
Harris Pte 4239 5th Batt
Harris Pte 2886 5th Batt
Harris Pte 2815 5th Batt
Harris L/Cpl 5003 1st Batt
Harrison Pte 5072 2nd Batt
Harrison H Pte 5647 2nd Batt
Harrison T Pte 6723 4th Batt
Hart Pte 4425 2nd Batt
Hart Pte 5629 4th Batt
Hart Pte 5211 4th Batt
Hart Pte 5234 4th Batt
Hart Pte 3943 5th Batt
Hart T Pte 5200 2nd Batt
Harte Pte 4489 1st Batt
Harte Pte 7345 1st Batt
Harte Pte 7071 1st Batt
Hartigan Sgt Major 1st Batt
Hartley Major
Harty O Pte 6116 2nd Batt
Harvey Pte 6597 1st Batt
Harvey Pte 2203 2nd Batt
Haskard J McD Lieut
Haslam Pte 5311 4th Batt
Hassett E Sgt 3672 2nd Batt
Hastings Pte 5611 4th Batt
Hatch W Pte 4602 2nd Batt
Hatt F W L/Cpl 5531 2nd Batt
Hawkes E C B Lieut
Hawkins Pte 2888 4th Batt
Hawkins Pte 4606 5th Batt
Hawkins Pte 3724 5th Batt
Hawley Pte 2685 4th Batt
Hawthorn C Pte 4998 2nd Batt
Hayden Pte 6678 1st Batt
Hayden L/Cpl 2986 1st Batt
Hayden Pte 3381 2nd Batt
Hayden Pte 5820 2nd Batt
Hayden Sgt 2652 5th Batt
Hayden Pte 7355 1st Batt
Hayden Sgt 2652 5th Batt
Hayes Pte 2837 1st Batt
Hayes Pte 4507 1st Batt
Hayes Pte 6446 1st Batt
Hayes J Pte 4876 2nd Batt
Hayes Pte 5023 2nd Batt
Hayes Pte 6666 2nd Batt
Hayes Pte 6076 5th Batt
Hayes Pte 5269 4th Batt
Hayes Colour Sgt 2911 5th Batt
Hayes Pte 4184 5th Batt
Hayes Pte 1386 5th Batt
Hayes Pte 4775 2nd Batt
Hayes Pte 6576 1st Batt
Hayes Pte 6078 2nd Batt
Hayes E P Sgt 3441 2nd Batt
Hayes J Sgt 5859 5th Batt
Hayes J Pte 5229 1st Batt
Hayes J Pte 5947 2nd Batt
Hayes M Pte 6472 1st Batt
Hayes W Pte 2967 2nd Batt
Haynes L/Cpl 3357 1st Batt
Hayter L/Cpl 5267 4th Batt
Heade Pte 3372 5th Batt
Heade Cpl 4353 5th Batt
Heafey Pte 3786 4th Batt
Heagerty Pte 3946 5th Batt
Healy Pte 3086 1st Batt
Healy Pte 5425 2nd Batt
Healy Sgt 3013 2nd Batt
Healy M Pte 6285 2nd Batt
Healy Pte 971 5th Batt
Healy Pte 5937 4th Batt
Healy J Pte 4376 1st Batt
Healy T Pte 4537 2nd Batt
Heaney J Pte 3791 1st Batt
Heany Cpl 6242 1st Batt
Heaps J Pte 4014 2nd Batt
Hearne Pte 5605 4th Batt
Hearns Sgt 2708 1st Batt
Hearns Pte 7498 1st Batt
Hearty Pte 4484 2nd Batt
Hearty Pte 4101 4th Batt
Heavey E Pte 5960 2nd Batt
Hedger Pte 4731 1st Batt
Heeney L/Cpl 4866 4th Batt
Heeney Pte 2684 5th Batt
Heffernan J Pte 4669 2nd Batt
Heffernan L/Cpl 5677 4th Batt
Heffernan Pte 2971 1st Batt
Heffernan M Pte 2190 1st Batt
Heffernan R Pte 6929 1st Batt
Heffernan W Pte 7150 5th Batt
Hegarty J Pte 4277 1st Batt
Hegarty W Pte 3943 2nd Batt
Hegarty W Pte 4667 2nd Batt
Hegarty D Pte 2772 1st Batt
Heggarty Pte 2839 1st Batt
Heggarty Pte 2803 1st Batt
Henderson Pte 4855 2nd Batt
Hendrick Pte 2318 4th Batt
Hennessey B Pte 5980 1st Batt
Hennessy Pte 6200 1st Batt
Hennessy Pte 6020 1st Batt
Hennessy Pte 2218 2nd Batt
Hennessy Pte 2845 2nd Batt
Hennessy Pte 2517 5th Batt
Hennessy Pte 7497 1st Batt
Hennessy W Pte 5503 2nd Batt
Henry Lieut
Henry W Pte 547 4th Batt
Hensley C A Captain
Heraghty Pte 7344 1st Batt
Herbert P L/Cpl 5239 2nd Batt
Heron Pte 4487 5th Batt
Hesham Pte 7493 1st Batt
Hetherston R Pte 5684 2nd Batt
Heys-Thomson Lieut
Hickey Pte 626 1st Batt
Hickey Pte 5128 2nd Batt
Hickey Pte 466 3rd Batt
Hickey Pte 4449 5th Batt
Hickey Pte 2998 1st Batt
Hickey Pte 1914 1st Batt
Hickey T Pte 5719 2nd Batt
Hickie Pte 5181 5th Batt
Hicks Lieut Colonel
Higginbotham Pte 3675 4th Batt
Higgins Pte 3181 1st Batt
Higgins Pte 1929 2nd Batt
Higgins Pte 2338 4th Batt
Higgins Pte 5279 4th Batt
Higginson Pte 5823 2nd Batt
Higginson Captain
Higginson Lieut
Hill Pte 5594 2nd Batt
Hill Captain
Hill T Pte 6736 1st Batt
Hillier Pte 5768 2nd Batt
Hinnett Pte 6302 1st Batt
Hobson Pte 3066 2nd Batt
Hodgkins Lieut
Hoey E Cpl 6680 1st Batt
Hoey Pte 4879 1st Batt
Hoey Pte 3183 1st Batt
Hoey Pte 2233 5th Batt
Hoey Pte 4429 5th Batt
Hoey 2nd Lieut
Hoey C Cpl 5204 4th Batt
Hoey G Sgt 5371 2nd Batt
Hoey W Drummer 4443 2nd Batt
Hogan L/Cpl 3508 1st Batt
Hogan Pte 1730 1st Batt
Hogan Pte 840 3rd Batt
Hogan Pte 2132 3rd Batt
Hogan Pte 7241 4th Batt
Hogan Sgt 956 5th Batt
Hogan Pte 2468 3rd Batt
Hogan Pte 6923 4th Batt
Hogan J Sgt 2156 2nd Batt
Hohmann Pte 7079 4th Batt
Holden Pte 6303 1st Batt
Holland L/Cpl 4780 1st Batt
Holland W Pte 6194 1st Batt
Holloway L/Cpl 4908 1st Batt
Holloway Q/Mas Sgt 2741 1st Batt
Holloway A W Cpl 6421 1st Batt
Hollywood Pte 6804 4th Batt
Holmes Pte 5674 4th Batt
Holmes Pte 5566 2nd Batt
Holmes W Sgt 5433 2nd Batt
Holohan J Pte 4508 2nd Batt
Holohan P Pte 5330 2nd Batt
Holton L/Cpl 7266 4th Batt
Homan Drummer 6052 1st Batt
Homan Pte 6129 2nd Batt
Hooligan Pte 2018 5th Batt
Hooper M Pte 5089 2nd Batt
Hooper J J Q/Mas Sgt 2647 4th Batt
Hope-Johnstone J A Captain
Hopkins Pte 5471 1st Batt
Hopkins Pte 4925 2nd Batt
Hopkins S Pte 4785 2nd Batt
Horan Pte 1999 1st Batt
Horan J Pte 4332 2nd Batt
Horlick T Pte 6061 2nd Batt
Horne Pte 6016 2nd Batt
Horne J Pte 6865 4th Batt
Hosford J Sgt 5644 1st Batt
Houlding Pte 4816 2nd Batt
Houlihan Pte 4217 2nd Batt
Howard Pte 3273 1st Batt
Howard Pte 4895 2nd Batt
Howard Pte 5989 2nd Batt
Howard Pte 5874 2nd Batt
Howard Pte 7086 1st Batt
Howard F Pte 6767 1st Batt
Howard T Cpl 3504 5th Batt
Howell Sgt 7622 1st Batt
Hoy W Pte 5841 2nd Batt
Hudleston G Lieut
Hudson Pte 6879 4th Batt
Hudson W Pte 2805 1st Batt
Hughes Pte 3656 1st Batt
Hughes S Pte 5119 1st Batt
Hughes Pte 438 1st Batt
Hughes M Pte 2076 1st Batt
Hughes Pte 2758 1st Batt
Hughes Pte 6081 2nd Batt
Hughes Pte 361 3rd Batt
Hughes Pte 1337 4th Batt
Hughes Pte 2386 5th Batt
Hughes J Pte 4029 1st Batt
Hughes N Pte 6625 5th Batt
Hughes N Pte 6625 1st Batt
Hunt W Pte 4506 2nd Batt
Hunt J Pte 5873 2nd Batt
Hunt J P Colour Sgt 4290 2nd Batt
Hunter Pte 6691 1st Batt
Hurst L/Cpl 6449 2nd Batt
Hustler Pte 5686 4th Batt
Hutchinson Pte 2771 1st Batt
Hutchinson Pte 7189 1st Batt
Hutchinson Pte 3209 5th Batt
Hyder C Pte 5518 4th Batt
Hyland Pte 6316 1st Batt
Hyland Pte 942 3rd Batt
Hyland Pte 2110 4th Batt
Hyland Pte 6316 5th Batt
Hyland Pte 4387 4th Batt
Hyland Pte 6719 2nd Batt
Hyland J Pte 4621 2nd Batt
Hynes Pte 5009 1st Batt
Hynes Pte 3239 2nd Batt
Hynes W Q/Mas Sgt 684 2nd Batt
Illiffe G H Pte 4817 2nd Batt
Ireland R Pte 6031 4th Batt
Iremonger Pte 5804 4th Batt
Irving Pte 3435 1st Batt
Irwin Pte 2848 1st Batt
Irwin Pte 7335 1st Batt
Irwin Pte 2781 5th Batt
Ison T Pte 3343 1st Batt
Ivens J Cpl 5951 1st Batt
Ivory Pte 1184 4th Batt
Jackman Pte 6487 1st Batt
Jackman Pte 6846 4th Batt
Jackson L/Cpl 7141 4th Batt
Jackson E Pte 4555 1st Batt
Jago Pte 4242 5th Batt
James Pte 593 1st Batt
James E Sgt 2392 2nd Batt
Jeffreys Lieut
Jenings 2nd Lieut
Jenkins R Pte 6464 1st Batt
Jervis Pte 7453 1st Batt
Jesson A L P Lieut
Johns Lieut
Johnson Pte 1034 3rd Batt
Johnson 2nd Lieut
Johnson Pte 5890 2nd Batt
Johnson A E Pte 4771 2nd Batt
Johnston Pte 3347 1st Batt
Johnston R Pte 3405 2nd Batt
Johnston Pte 5851 2nd Batt
Johnston Sgt 2014 5th Batt
Johnston C Pte 5263 2nd Batt
Johnston J Pte 4528 2nd Batt
Jones Pte 3348 2nd Batt
Jones E Pte 5866 2nd Batt
Jones Pte 5541 2nd Batt
Jones Pte 6448 2nd Batt
Jones M Cpl 7267 1st Batt
Jones Pte 1674 5th Batt
Jones Pte 7018 4th Batt
Jones Captain
Jones A Pte 6828 4th Batt
Jones G Pte 4462 5th Batt
Jordan Pte 6400 1st Batt
Jordan Pte 6133 2nd Batt
Jordan Pte 4571 5th Batt
Jordan Pte 3589 5th Batt
Jordan Pte 6881 4th Batt
Jordan J Pte 6641 1st Batt
Jordan P Pte 2888 2nd Batt
Jordan T Pte 4382 2nd Batt
Joyce Pte 4436 4th Batt
Joyce G Pte 4242 1st Batt
Judge E Pte 4232 1st Batt
Judge E Pte 4232 1st Batt
Judge P Pte 3859 1st Batt
Judge Pte 3531 4th Batt
Kane Pte 3255 4th Batt
Kane Pte 4165 4th Batt
Kane T Pte 4927 2nd Batt
Kane J Pte 4461 2nd Batt
Kavanagh Pte 6413 1st Batt
Kavanagh Pte 4812 1st Batt
Kavanagh H Pte 3513 1st Batt
Kavanagh Pte 1635 2nd Batt
Kavanagh J Pte 5014 2nd Batt
Kavanagh Pte 5586 2nd Batt
Kavanagh T Pte 5912 2nd Batt
Kavanagh Pte 5718 2nd Batt
Kavanagh M Pte 6023 2nd Batt
Kavanagh Pte 6466 2nd Batt
Kavanagh Pte 3514 5th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 3211 4th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 4890 4th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 5693 4th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 5655 4th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 5005 4th Batt
Kavanagh Cpl 5664 4th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 3649 5th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 4073 5th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 4318 5th Batt
Kavanagh Pte 3193 5th Batt
Kavanagh Sgt 3866 4th Batt
Kavanagh J Pte 3848 2nd Batt
Kavanagh J Pte 5986 1st Batt
Kavanagh M Pte 5256 2nd Batt
Kavanagh P Pte 6171 2nd Batt
Kavanagh P Pte 5508 4th Batt
Kayne A Sgt 5543 1st Batt
Kealey J Pte 1846 3rd Batt
Keane Pte 7287 1st Batt
Keane Pte 3688 5th Batt
Keane M Pte 5868 2nd Batt
Kearney Pte 5472 4th Batt
Kearney Pte 5864 4th Batt
Kearney Pte 3247 5th Batt
Kearns Pte 4280 5th Batt
Kearns J Pte 3949 1st Batt
Kearns J Pte 3122 1st Batt
Kearns J Pte 4625 1st Batt
Kearns T L/Cpl 3784 2nd Batt
Keating Pte 4161 1st Batt
Keating Pte 4451 1st Batt
Keating Pte 3032 1st Batt
Keating Pte 5679 4th Batt
Keating Pte 5564 4th Batt
Keating C Pte 4543 2nd Batt
Keating E Pte 5693 2nd Batt
Keating E Cpl 5730 2nd Batt
Keating M Pte 7195 4th Batt
Keefe Pte 5748 2nd Batt
Keeffe J Pte 3619 1st Batt
Keegan Pte 3190 5th Batt
Keegan Pte 6729 1st Batt
Keegan Pte 7454 1st Batt
Keegan Pte 5716 4th Batt
Keegan Pte 3154 5th Batt
Keegan Pte 3462 5th Batt
Keegan Pte 6266 4th Batt
Keegan A Pte 5710 2nd Batt
Keegan J Pte 5769 2nd Batt
Keegan T Pte 6393 2nd Batt
Keeley Pte 2660 1st Batt
Keeley L/Cpl 4281 5th Batt
Keeley J Pte 7000 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 909 3rd Batt
Keenan Pte 7208 5th Batt
Keenan Pte 7199 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 566 5th Batt
Keenan Pte 6914 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 6932 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 6924 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 6974 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 6993 4th Batt
Keenan Pte 7005 4th Batt
Keenan J Sgt 4480 2nd Batt
Keenan T Pte 5634 2nd Batt
Keevan J Pte 4931 1st Batt
Kegney W Pte 5828 2nd Batt
Kehoe P Pte 5920 2nd Batt
Kelleher Pte 3671 5th Batt
Kellett Pte 4324 5th Batt
Kelly Pte 2864 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 3892 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 6141 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 6397 1st Batt
Kelly Sgt 3861 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 3660 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 3702 1st Batt
Kelly J L/Cpl 6402 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 3876 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 6541 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 3502 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 1877 3rd Batt
Kelly Pte 1395 3rd Batt
Kelly Pte 2128 3rd Batt
Kelly Pte 7040 3rd Batt
Kelly Pte 3551 4th Batt
Kelly Pte 7005 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 6932 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 7276 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 7388 1st Batt
Kelly Pte 5290 4th Batt
Kelly Cpl 4847 4th Batt
Kelly Pte 5565 4th Batt
Kelly Pte 5736 4th Batt
Kelly Pte 5043 4th Batt
Kelly Pte 5874 4th Batt
Kelly Sgt 1891 5th Batt
Kelly Sgt 4592 5th Batt
Kelly Pte 987 5th Batt
Kelly Pte 2608 5th Batt
Kelly Pte 201 5th Batt
Kelly Pte 3666 5th Batt
Kelly C Pte 5721 2nd Batt
Kelly F L/Cpl 5875 2nd Batt
Kelly G Pte 4552 2nd Batt
Kelly G Pte 2739 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 5850 1st Batt
Kelly J Pte 5153 1st Batt
Kelly J Pte 3286 1st Batt
Kelly J Pte 6751 1st Batt
Kelly J Pte 1794 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 3651 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 4495 2nd Batt
Kelly J Drummer 4648 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 5063 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 5612 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 6123 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 6132 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 6299 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 6649 2nd Batt
Kelly J Pte 6895 2nd Batt
Kelly M Pte 3862 2nd Batt
Kelly M Pte 1143 2nd Batt
Kelly M Pte 6589 2nd Batt
Kelly P Pte 3522 1st Batt
Kelly P Pte 1834 4th Batt
Kelly P Pte 4082 1st Batt
Kelly P Pte 4082 1st Batt
Kelly P Pte 1696 2nd Batt
Kelly P Pte 5416 2nd Batt
Kelly P Pte 5757 2nd Batt
Kelly P Pte 5969 2nd Batt
Kelly P Sgt 1864 4th Batt
Kelly R Pte 6038 2nd Batt
Kelly S Pte 5971 1st Batt
Kelly S Pte 1428 2nd Batt
Kelly T Pte 4741 2nd Batt
Kelly T Pte 5785 2nd Batt
Kelly T Pte 6082 2nd Batt
Kelly W Pte 2112 2nd Batt
Kelly W Pte 4642 2nd Batt
Kelly W Pte 6110 2nd Batt
Kelly W Pte 6471 2nd Batt
Kemps Pte 7405 1st Batt
Kempster C Pte 6293 2nd Batt
Kendleton Pte 2613 1st Batt
Kenna Pte 4127 4th Batt
Kennedy J Pte 4009 1st Batt
Kennedy Pte 6348 1st Batt
Kennedy J Pte 3613 1st Batt
Kennedy Pte 3620 1st Batt
Kennedy Pte 4046 4th Batt
Kennedy Pte 4431 5th Batt
Kennedy Pte 1950 5th Batt
Kennedy P Pte 5704 2nd Batt
Kennedy W Pte 4575 2nd Batt
Kenny Pte 2930 1st Batt
Kenny Pte 3406 1st Batt
Kenny P Pte 2296 1st Batt
Kenny Pte 5888 1st Batt
Kenny Sgt 4796 1st Batt
Kenny G Pte 2842 1st Batt
Kenny Pte 4068 1st Batt
Kenny Pte 1205 4th Batt
Kenny Pte 3610 4th Batt
Kenny Pte 2120 5th Batt
Kenny Pte 5594 4th Batt
Kenny Pte 4469 5th Batt
Kenny Pte 4222 5th Batt
Kenny Pte 4561 5th Batt
Kenny H Pte 3998 2nd Batt
Kenny J Pte 7087 1st Batt
Kenny P Pte 1679 2nd Batt
Kenny P Pte 5888 2nd Batt
Kenny T Pte 7004 4th Batt
Kenny T Pte 4884 2nd Batt
Kent L L/Cpl 6425 1st Batt
Keogh P Pte 3840 1st Batt
Keogh Pte 2762 1st Batt
Keogh Pte 3705 1st Batt
Keogh Pte 3648 1st Batt
Keogh Pte 3787 1st Batt
Keogh Pte 6245 1st Batt
Keogh Pte 1558 3rd Batt
Keogh Pte 1865 3rd Batt
Keogh Pte 2060 3rd Batt
Keogh Pte 1760 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 2023 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 2457 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 4556 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 5378 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 7220 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 3765 5th Batt
Keogh Pte 704 4th Batt
Keogh Pte 6034 4th Batt
Keogh M Pte 4854 2nd Batt
Keogh M Pte 5889 2nd Batt
Keogh P Pte 1772 2nd Batt
Kerr 2nd Lieut
Kerr Pte 6562 1st Batt
Kerr M Pte 690 2nd Batt
Kerrigan Pte 6957 1st Batt
Kerrigan L/Cpl 4609 5th Batt
Kerrigan T Pte 1443 2nd Batt
Kewill L/Cpl 2512 5th Batt
Kidd J Sgt 5642 2nd Batt
Kidd N Cpl 6105 2nd Batt
Kiernan P Pte 6440 1st Batt
Kiernan Pte 2397 4th Batt
Kiernan Pte 3049 4th Batt
Kiernan J Pte 5004 2nd Batt
Kilduff Pte 7224 1st Batt
Kilduff J Pte 6127 2nd Batt
Kilkelly Sgt 4534 5th Batt
Killeen Pte 6683 1st Batt
Killeen P Pte 3755 5th Batt
Kilmartin J Pte 2581 1st Batt
Kilmet M Pte 5796 2nd Batt
Kilroy P Pte 5227 2nd Batt
Kinahan P Pte 4980 2nd Batt
Kinberley Pte 5021 4th Batt
Kinberley L/Cpl 4616 5th Batt
King Pte 2852 1st Batt
King Pte 1852 5th Batt
King Sgt 975 4th Batt
King Pte 3964 5th Batt
King M Pte 1370 2nd Batt
King P Pte 7425 1st Batt
King W Pte 3487 5th Batt
Kinsella J Pte 6837 1st Batt
Kinsella Pte 2619 5th Batt
Kinsella Pte 2825 5th Batt
Kinsella Pte 3586 5th Batt
Kinsella A Pte 3883 1st Batt
Kinsella D Pte 5073 2nd Batt
Kinsella J Pte 1651 5th Batt
Kinsella R Pte 6186 1st Batt
Kinsman Captain
Kinsman Lieut
Kirkpatrick A D Captain
Kirrnan Pte 7178 1st Batt
Kirwan Pte 4251 1st Batt
Kirwan Pte 597 5th Batt
Kirwan Pte 3111 5th Batt
Kirwan M Pte 5057 2nd Batt
Kirwan M Pte 5141 2nd Batt
Kirwan W Pte 4532 2nd Batt
Kitterick P Pte 5337 2nd Batt
Knighorn Sgt 4383 4th Batt
Knight H Pte 2945 1st Batt
Knight E Pte 3930 1st Batt
Knight Pte 4230 5th Batt
Knight A C Sgt 5645 1st Batt
Knox 2nd Lieut
Knox 2nd Lieut
Knox S Pte 3559 5th Batt
Kunharte 2nd Lieut
Lacy Pte 4305 5th Batt
Lahey Pte 748 5th Batt
Lahey F Sgt 2716 1st Batt
Lalis J Pte 230 1st Batt
Lambe Cpl 5799 4th Batt
Lambe J Pte 6722 1st Batt
Lambert J Pte 3699 1st Batt
Lammonby Pte 4043 1st Batt
Lanagan W Pte 3468 2nd Batt
Landy Sgt 3912 1st Batt
Landy Sgt 3912 1st Batt
Landy J Sgt 3713 5th Batt
Landy J Pte 6195 1st Batt
Lane Pte 7209 5th Batt
Lane Lieut
Lang Captain
Lang R Pte 5767 2nd Batt
Lannon Pte 3921 5th Batt
Lansfrey 2nd Lieut
Larwin P Pte 5660 2nd Batt
LaTouche P Major
Laven M Pte 5546 2nd Batt
Laverty R C Sgt.Drummer 6663 1st Batt
Lavin L Pte 4405 1st Batt
Lawless Pte 4062 1st Batt
Lawless Pte 4062 1st Batt
Lawless Drummer 6001 1st Batt
Lawless Pte 176 5th Batt
Lawless R Pte 6864 4th Batt
Lawlor Pte 4500 1st Batt
Lawlor Pte 6403 1st Batt
Lawlor Pte 2804 1st Batt
Lawlor J Pte 4292 1st Batt
Lawlor Pte 5821 1st Batt
Lawlor Pte 374 3rd Batt
Lawlor J Pte 6611 1st Batt
Lawlor Pte 7145 1st Batt
Lawlor Pte 5274 4th Batt
Lawlor Pte 5491 4th Batt
Lawlor Pte 5407 4th Batt
Lawlor A Pte 4040 5th Batt
Lawlor Pte 4129 5th Batt
Lawlor Pte 3752 5th Batt
Lawlor Pte 2328 5th Batt
Lawlor Pte 4532 5th Batt
Lawton L/Cpl 5133 1st Batt
Lawton T Pte 4651 2nd Batt
Lawton W Pte 6513 2nd Batt
Le Mesuire F N Captain
Leader Pte 3503 4th Batt
Leahy Pte 7076 1st Batt
Leahy Pte 5695 4th Batt
Leahy Pte 2716 5th Batt
Leahy J Pte 5716 2nd Batt
Leahy J Pte 4347 2nd Batt
Leary Pte 4111 1st Batt
Leary Pte 6855 4th Batt
Leary J Pte 4776 2nd Batt
Leavey B Pte 6595 1st Batt
Ledwidge Pte 4222 1st Batt
Ledwidge Pte 4386 4th Batt
Ledwidge J Pte 4846 2nd Batt
Lee M Pte 5187 1st Batt
Lee Pte 7368 1st Batt
Lee Pte 5632 4th Batt
Lee Sgt 3807 5th Batt
Lee Pte 4406 1st Batt
Lee J Pte 6860 4th Batt
Lee J Pte 5069 2nd Batt
Lee M L/Cpl 5601 2nd Batt
Leech J Pte 4728 2nd Batt
Leech P Pte 4831 2nd Batt
Leedon Pte 4663 5th Batt
Leeper C Cpl 5674 2nd Batt
Lees Pte 4028 1st Batt
Leeson J Pte 4418 1st Batt
Leeson Pte 2314 1st Batt
Leeson Pte 3419 4th Batt
Leffinas Lieut
Lefroy Lieut
Lenehan Pte 3418 5th Batt
Lenehan J Sgt 2865 2nd Batt
Lennon Pte 7044 3rd Batt
Lennon Pte 2377 5th Batt
Lennon Drummer 4602 5th Batt
Lennon C Pte 6731 2nd Batt
Lennox Pte 3997 5th Batt
Lenton Pte 3968 5th Batt
Leon R Pte 6332 2nd Batt
Leonard Pte 2870 1st Batt
Leonard Pte 4554 4th Batt
Leonard Pte 6928 4th Batt
Leonard Pte 4128 5th Batt
Leonard J Pte 4700 2nd Batt
Leonard P Pte 6737 2nd Batt
Leslie Pte 5784 4th Batt
Lester Pte 4581 5th Batt
Lester P Pte 3787 1st Batt
Lett B Pte 6402 2nd Batt
Letty Pte 2016 4th Batt
Lewins P Pte 4436 1st Batt
Lewins P Pte 4436 5th Batt
Lighttown J Pte 3793 1st Batt
Lillis R Pte 6298 2nd Batt
Lillis T Pte 5117 2nd Batt
Lilly Pte 6235 4th Batt
Lioyd Pte 515 1st Batt
Lioyd L/Cpl 3882 1st Batt
Lioyd Pte 3241 1st Batt
Little Q/Mas Sgt 2749 1st Batt
Little Pte 3994 1st Batt
Little P Pte 7156 5th Batt
Little Pte 4589 5th Batt
Little 2nd Lieut
Little P Pte 6823 2nd Batt
Llewelyan L/Cpl 5807 4th Batt
Lloyd Sgt 5759 1st Batt
Lloyd L/Cpl 5540 4th Batt
Logan Pte 3977 5th Batt
Logan P L/Sgt 5683 2nd Batt
Long Pte 4432 4th Batt
Long P Pte 4356 5th Batt
Long J Pte 1885 5th Batt
Long P Pte 6546 1st Batt
Long S Pte 5450 2nd Batt
Lonsdale Captain
Looney W Cpl 4131 2nd Batt
Lordon E Pte 5056 2nd Batt
Lordon M Pte 4932 2nd Batt
Loughman Pte 1589 3rd Batt
Loughran Pte 4185 1st Batt
Loughran W Cpl 5374 2nd Batt
Louth Pte 6875 4th Batt
Love Pte 5436 1st Batt
Loveband Captain
Loveridge R Cpl 6077 1st Batt
Lowe C L/Cpl 3078 1st Batt
Lowe F Cpl 3482 1st Batt
Lowe J Pte 5436 2nd Batt
Lowery Pte 4038 1st Batt
Lowndes M Captain
Lowry Pte 4095 5th Batt
Lowry Pte 6981 4th Batt
Ludlow Pte 5409 4th Batt
Ludlow Pte 7022 4th Batt
Ludlow E Pte 4997 2nd Batt
Ludlow R Pte 4603 2nd Batt
Luff B Pte 7168 1st Batt
Lullis Pte 7561 1st Batt
Lumley Pte 6721 1st Batt
Lunn T Pte 3738 1st Batt
Lush Pte 1150 3rd Batt
Lynch Pte 2815 1st Batt
Lynch Pte 4045 1st Batt
Lynch Pte 4166 1st Batt
Lynch Pte 4783 1st Batt
Lynch Pte 3380 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 7367 1st Batt
Lynch Pte 7458 1st Batt
Lynch Pte 5625 4th Batt
Lynch Cpl 5335 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 5777 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 5840 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 4310 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 5291 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 5457 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 382 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 5241 4th Batt
Lynch Pte 4193 5th Batt
Lynch Pte 4107 5th Batt
Lynch Pte 4089 5th Batt
Lynch C Cpl 6707 1st Batt
Lynch J Pte 3781 5th Batt
Lynch J Pte 4015 4th Batt
Lynch P Pte 6696 1st Batt
Lynch P Pte 6969 4th Batt
Lynch P Pte 3880 1st Batt
Lynch P Pte 5595 1st Batt
Lynch T Pte 5287 2nd Batt
Lyons Pte 4423 1st Batt
Lyons Pte 5454 1st Batt
Lyons J Pte 5462 1st Batt
Lyons Pte 3898 1st Batt
Lyons Pte 3778 1st Batt
Lyons Pte 7446 1st Batt
Lyons M J Pte 6086 2nd Batt
Lyons T Pte 2295 1st Batt
Lyons T Cpl 4812 2nd Batt
MacDonnell Captain
Macheod Lieut
Mack J Pte 4803 2nd Batt
Mack P Pte 4012 2nd Batt
Mack T Pte 4217 4th Batt
Macken J Pte 5612 2nd Batt
MacKevoy Pte 3535 1st Batt
Mackey Pte 5629 1st Batt
Mackey T Pte 5869 2nd Batt
Mackin Pte 3022 4th Batt
MacLear 2nd Lieut
MacPherson W Pte 6025 1st Batt
Madden Cpl 6838 1st Batt
Madden Pte 4326 5th Batt
Madden Pte 3062 5th Batt
Madden Pte 4563 4th Batt
Madden J Pte 2117 2nd Batt
Maddock T Pte 5058 2nd Batt
Maddox Pte 2393 4th Batt
Maddox M Pte 4672 1st Batt
Magee L/Sgt 3729 5th Batt
MaGee John F Pte 2826 1st Batt
MaGee V J Colour Sgt 3993 1st Batt
Magee W Pte 5118 2nd Batt
Maguire Pte 4884 1st Batt
Maguire Cpl 5214 4th Batt
Maguire Pte 5318 4th Batt
Maguire Pte 5404 4th Batt
Maguire Pte 3226 5th Batt
Maguire N Pte 6699 2nd Batt
Maher Pte 6394 1st Batt
Maher Pte 1077 3rd Batt
Maher Pte 7878 1st Batt
Maher Pte 1863 4th Batt
Maher Pte 6757 4th Batt
Maher Pte 2973 5th Batt
Maher Pte 3409 5th Batt
Maher Pte 4341 5th Batt
Maher W Cpl 6244 1st Batt
Maher J Pte 6755 1st Batt
Maher J Pte 5185 2nd Batt
Maher P Pte 4445 2nd Batt
Maher T Pte 1687 2nd Batt
Maher W Pte 5317 2nd Batt
Mahon Pte 4180 1st Batt
Mahon Pte 5835 4th Batt
Mahon C Pte 4638 2nd Batt
Mahon J Pte 3333 1st Batt
Mahon W Pte 1988 1st Batt
Mahoney Pte 5309 1st Batt
Mahoney Pte 5883 4th Batt
Mahoney Sgt 5872 4th Batt
Mahoney Pte 2210 5th Batt
Mahoney J T Pte 3928 4th Batt
Mahoney R Pte 6760 2nd Batt
Mahoney R Pte 5987 2nd Batt
Mahony Pte 3928 1st Batt
Mainwaring A E Captain
Malins Pte 3339 1st Batt
Mallon Pte 3231 4th Batt
Mallon J Cpl 5051 2nd Batt
Malloney Pte 3817 4th Batt
Malone Pte 3552 1st Batt
Malone Pte 781 3rd Batt
Malone Pte 7369 1st Batt
Malone J Pte 2832 4th Batt
Malone Cpl 3332 4th Batt
Malone Pte 3325 5th Batt
Malone Pte 4140 5th Batt
Malone Pte 6850 4th Batt
Malone W Pte 5570 2nd Batt
Maloney J Pte 7100 1st Batt
Maloney J L/Cpl 1615 1st Batt
Maloney M Cpl 3994 1st Batt
Maloney M L/Cpl 1616 1st Batt
Maloney P M Drummer 6291 1st Batt
Malvney Pte 6458 1st Batt
Mangan Pte 3973 1st Batt
Mangan Pte 6236 1st Batt
Mangan Pte 847 3rd Batt
Mangan Pte 7039 4th Batt
Mangan Pte 5800 4th Batt
Mangan Pte 3745 4th Batt
Mann Pte 3222 1st Batt
Manning Pte 3942 1st Batt
Manning J Pte 4728 2nd Batt
Mannion J Pte 5361 2nd Batt
Mannion P Pte 5501 2nd Batt
Mansfield Pte 5778 4th Batt
Mansfield Drummer 2578 5th Batt
Mansworth Pte 4262 1st Batt
Manuel Pte 5888 4th Batt
Markey B Sgt 4897 4th Batt
Markey J Pte 6984 1st Batt
Marks Pte 6270 1st Batt
Marsden J Pte 5607 4th Batt
Marsh Colour Sgt 855 1st Batt
Marsh 2nd Lieut
Marshall T Pte 7346 1st Batt
Marshall Pte 6813 4th Batt
Marshall 2nd Lieut
Marshall A Pte 4517 2nd Batt
Marshall A Pte 6761 2nd Batt
Marshall W Sgt 4903 2nd Batt
Marshall W L/Cpl 5883 2nd Batt
Marshall W T L/Cpl 5883 5th Batt
Martin Pte 4218 1st Batt
Martin Pte 1921 1st Batt
Martin J Pte 4559 1st Batt
Martin J Pte 7308 1st Batt
Martin Pte 7016 1st Batt
Martin Pte 2605 4th Batt
Martin J Pte 6874 4th Batt
Martin Pte 6711 4th Batt
Martin 2nd Lieut
Martin C Pte 4982 4th Batt
Martin C Pte 5005 2nd Batt
Martin J Pte 7274 4th Batt
Martin J L/Sgt 2187 2nd Batt
Martin J Pte 4074 2nd Batt
Martin J Pte 5801 2nd Batt
Martin W Sgt 2078 2nd Batt
Mason J Pte 6130 2nd Batt
Mason O Pte 5900 2nd Batt
Masterson Pte 3565 4th Batt
Masterson Pte 4925 4th Batt
Masterson J Pte 2481 1st Batt
Masterson J Pte 6417 1st Batt
Masterson W Pte 6054 2nd Batt
Masterson W Cpl 6175 2nd Batt
Matherson Pte 6997 4th Batt
Mathews Pte 1857 1st Batt
Matten Pte 7144 1st Batt
Matthews Pte 5728 4th Batt
Matthews Pte 6992 4th Batt
Matthews B Cpl 6330 2nd Batt
May Pte 7192 1st Batt
May C Pte 7279 1st Batt
May Pte 5399 4th Batt
May Pte 4105 4th Batt
May L/Cpl 4906 4th Batt
Mayberry Pte 5746 4th Batt
McAdorey Pte 3210 5th Batt
McAdorey Pte 3283 5th Batt
McAdorey Sgt 3221 5th Batt
McAllester R Cpl 1468 2nd Batt
McAllister A Sgt 5921 1st Batt
McAlpine W Pte 4299 2nd Batt
McArdle P Pte 5400 2nd Batt
McBean Captain
McBride Pte 5895 4th Batt
McBride A Pte 3995 2nd Batt
McBride J Pte 5834 2nd Batt
McCabe Pte 3160 1st Batt
McCabe Pte 3519 1st Batt
McCabe Pte 1302 5th Batt
McCabe Pte 1738 5th Batt
McCabe Pte 3451 5th Batt
McCabe M Pte 4559 2nd Batt
McCabe P Pte 1354 2nd Batt
McCaffery Pte 6980 4th Batt
McCann Cpl 6735 1st Batt
McCann Pte 6375 1st Batt
McCann Pte 6735 1st Batt
McCann Pte 7506 1st Batt
McCann Sgt 4197 5th Batt
McCann Cpl 4500 5th Batt
McCann Pte 6919 4th Batt
McCann T Pte 5650 2nd Batt
McCann W Pte 5092 2nd Batt
McCarron J Pte 6971 4th Batt
McCarthy Pte 6118 1st Batt
McCarthy Pte 1950 4th Batt
McCarthy Pte 1951 5th Batt
McCarthy Pte 6872 1st Batt
McCarthy Pte 7429 1st Batt
McCarthy Pte 5523 4th Batt
McCarthy Pte 2661 5th Batt
McCarthy Cpl 4536 5th Batt
McCarthy Pte 7030 4th Batt
McCarthy Pte 6267 1st Batt
McCarthy Pte 4190 1st Batt
McCarthy C Pte 4582 2nd Batt
McCarthy D Pte 4794 2nd Batt
McCarthy J Pte 3594 1st Batt
McCarthy J Pte 4891 2nd Batt
McCarthy J Pte 6068 2nd Batt
McCarthy T Pte 4140 2nd Batt
McCarthy W Pte 4557 2nd Batt
McClare Pte 1701 5th Batt
McClear Captain
McClokey B Pte 4373 2nd Batt
McClusker Pte 7402 1st Batt
McCluskey Pte 7019 4th Batt
McCluskey Philip Pte 4143 4th Batt
McClusky Pte 2758 4th Batt
McConnell J Pte 6795 1st Batt
McConville R Pte 5146 1st Batt
McCord Pte 3877 5th Batt
McCormack Pte 4113 5th Batt
McCormack Cpl 5098 4th Batt
McCormack Pte 4580 4th Batt
McCormack Pte 4940 4th Batt
McCormack Pte 3224 5th Batt
McCormack Pte 4652 5th Batt
McCormack E Pte 6465 2nd Batt
McCormack J Pte 6113 2nd Batt
McCormack J Pte 6190 2nd Batt
McCormack M Pte 5992 4th Batt
McCormack P Pte 2196 2nd Batt
McCormick Pte 6567 1st Batt
McCourt Pte 6983 4th Batt
McCoy T L/Sgt 1734 2nd Batt
McCready D Pte 6794 2nd Batt
McCrossin Pte 3558 1st Batt
McCullagh Cpl 2489 1st Batt
McCullagh Pte 6558 1st Batt
McCullagh Pte 3487 1st Batt
McDarby D Pte 3005 2nd Batt
McDermondy Pte 7035 3rd Batt
McDermott Pte 4317 1st Batt
McDermott Pte 855 3rd Batt
McDermott Pte 5637 4th Batt
McDermott Pte 3972 4th Batt
McDermott Pte 4138 5th Batt
McDermott Captain
McDermott H Pte 4664 2nd Batt
McDermott J Pte 5166 1st Batt
McDermott J Pte 6624 2nd Batt
McDermott T Pte 6672 2nd Batt
McDonagh Pte 5628 4th Batt
McDonagh Pte 4343 4th Batt
McDonagh Pte 1833 3rd Batt
McDonald Pte 2223 5th Batt
McDonald Pte 7435 1st Batt
McDonald Pte 3428 5th Batt
McDonald Pte 6395 1st Batt
McDonald B Pte 5932 2nd Batt
McDonald C Pte 7331 1st Batt
McDonald C Pte 4605 2nd Batt
McDonald D Pte 3816 2nd Batt
McDonald D Pte 6637 2nd Batt
McDonald J Pte 2561 1st Batt
McDonald J Pte 6277 1st Batt
McDonald J Pte 3788 2nd Batt
McDonald J Pte 7291 2nd Batt
McDonald J Pte 3631 5th Batt
McDonald M Pte 6907 4th Batt
McDonald M Pte 5167 2nd Batt
McDonald R Pte 4917 2nd Batt
McDonnell Pte 6481 1st Batt
McDonnell Pte 5249 4th Batt
McDonnell Pte 4929 4th Batt
McDonnell Pte 4966 4th Batt
McDonnell Pte 4359 5th Batt
McDonnell J Pte 5838 2nd Batt
McDonnell J Pte 6305 2nd Batt
McDonnell J Pte 6382 2nd Batt
McDonnell J Pte 6836 2nd Batt
McDonnell M Pte 5908 2nd Batt
McDonnell P Pte 6220 1st Batt
McDonnell P Pte 1919 3rd Batt
McDonogh H Pte 6018 2nd Batt
McElroy E Pte 3152 2nd Batt
McEntee Pte 3192 4th Batt
McEvoy Pte 1857 3rd Batt
McEvoy Pte 5393 4th Batt
McEvoy Pte 5809 4th Batt
McEvoy Colour Sgt 3540 5th Batt
McEvoy Pte 3106 1st Batt
McEvoy E Pte 6619 2nd Batt
McEvoy J Pte 5706 2nd Batt
McEvoy J Pte 6469 2nd Batt
McEvoy W Pte 3975 2nd Batt
McEvoy W Pte 5763 2nd Batt
McEwan W Pte 5645 2nd Batt
McGahey G Pte 7069 5th Batt
McGann P Pte 4132 2nd Batt
McGarry Pte 3090 1st Batt
McGauley Pte 2664 5th Batt
McGauley Pte 1295 5th Batt
McGealey Pte 5926 4th Batt
McGinley J Pte 6309 2nd Batt
McGlow P Cpl 3659 2nd Batt
McGlynn Pte 4256 1st Batt
McGlynn Pte 6937 4th Batt
McGough Pte 7185 1st Batt
McGrane Pte 4165 1st Batt
McGrane Pte 5400 4th Batt
McGrane Pte 5077 4th Batt
McGrane Pte 6988 4th Batt
McGrath Pte 3888 1st Batt
McGrath Pte 4404 5th Batt
McGrath Pte 629 5th Batt
McGrath Pte 3601 5th Batt
McGrath Pte 6840 4th Batt
McGrath B Sgt 5877 4th Batt
McGrath J Pte 5137 2nd Batt
McGrath P Pte 7315 1st Batt
McGuinn Pte 6509 1st Batt
McGuinness E Pte 3164 1st Batt
McGuinness Pte 3414 1st Batt
McGuinness Pte 5326 1st Batt
McGuinness Pte 4981 4th Batt
McGuinness Pte 3646 5th Batt
McGuinness L/Cpl 4410 5th Batt
McGuinness Pte 4399 5th Batt
McGuinness Pte 4577 5th Batt
McGuinness J Pte 4512 2nd Batt
McGuinness P Sgt 5045 2nd Batt
McGuinness W Pte 5245 2nd Batt
McGuire Pte 6656 1st Batt
McGuire Pte 3971 5th Batt
McGuire J Pte 7126 1st Batt
McGuire J Pte 5861 2nd Batt
McGuire J Pte 5052 2nd Batt
McGuirk Pte 4832 1st Batt
McGuirk Pte 4221 5th Batt
McGuirke Pte 5802 1st Batt
McHale Pte 3242 5th Batt
McHolmes Pte 7601 1st Batt
McHugh L/Cpl 4771 4th Batt
McHugh Pte 1025 5th Batt
McHugh O Pte 3926 5th Batt
McHugh T Pte 4553 2nd Batt
McIntee Pte 4534 1st Batt
McIntyre Pte 3743 5th Batt
McIntyre J Pte 3756 1st Batt
McIntyre P Pte 5324 2nd Batt
McKearnan P Pte 6381 1st Batt
McKeernan Pte 3385 5th Batt
McKenna Pte 3197 1st Batt
McKenna Pte 2661 1st Batt
McKenna Cpl 4907 4th Batt
McKenna Pte 6947 4th Batt
McKenna Pte 1922 1st Batt
McKenna G Cpl 3139 2nd Batt
McKenna P Pte 6572 1st Batt
McKenna P Pte 6356 1st Batt
McKenzie Pte 6282 1st Batt
McKenzie Cpl 3668 1st Batt
McKenzie J Pte 6518 1st Batt
McKenzie J Pte 6518 2nd Batt
McKenzie W Pte 6779 2nd Batt
McKeowan Pte 4171 1st Batt
McKeown Pte 6830 1st Batt
McKeown P Pte 7088 1st Batt
McKie W Pte 3664 1st Batt
McLean Pte 3774 1st Batt
McLean Pte 6849 4th Batt
McLean A Pte 5772 2nd Batt
McLean J Pte 5836 2nd Batt
McLoughlin Pte 4298 4th Batt
McLoughlin Pte 3948 5th Batt
McLoughlin J Pte 4474 2nd Batt
McLoughlin J Pte 5378 2nd Batt
McLoughlin T Pte 4670 2nd Batt
McMahon Pte 7610 1st Batt
McMahon Pte 3950 5th Batt
McMahon L/Cpl 4374 5th Batt
McMahon R Pte 2899 2nd Batt
McMamie Pte 4983 4th Batt
McManus Pte 4120 4th Batt
McManus Pte 3397 5th Batt
McMerney Pte 6967 4th Batt
McMullen Pte 6902 4th Batt
McNall T Pte 5224 2nd Batt
McNally Cpl 5870 1st Batt
McNally G Pte 5615 2nd Batt
McNamara Cpl 3155 5th Batt
McNamara Pte 3358 5th Batt
McNamara Pte 6925 4th Batt
McNamara Captain
McNamara E Pte 5364 2nd Batt
McNay D Colour Sgt 2547 2nd Batt
McNeice J Colour Sgt 3770 2nd Batt
McNicholls L/Cpl 5509 1st Batt
McQuillan Pte 7251 1st Batt
McQuinn K Pte 4692 2nd Batt
McQuirk Pte 2211 5th Batt
Meade D Pte 7433 1st Batt
Meagher L/Cpl 3087 1st Batt
Meagher Pte 4615 5th Batt
Mearns P Pte 6315 2nd Batt
Meehan Pte 5809 1st Batt
Meehan Pte 3938 1st Batt
Meehan Pte 392 5th Batt
Meehan Pte 4127 5th Batt
Meehan J Pte 3991 1st Batt
Meehan J Pte 6228 2nd Batt
Meehan P Pte 6984 2nd Batt
Mehain Pte 3509 4th Batt
Melady P Pte 7197 4th Batt
Meldon Captain
Melia Pte 3813 4th Batt
Melia P Pte 5397 2nd Batt
Melia P Pte 6525 4th Batt
Mellerick Pte 2814 1st Batt
Mellington R Pte 3253 5th Batt
Melville H Cpl 2383 1st Batt
Merrick J Pte 3252 2nd Batt
Merrigan Pte 6376 1st Batt
Merrill A Pte 5794 2nd Batt
Merrins J Pte 6568 2nd Batt
Merry Pte 4335 5th Batt
Merry J Cpl 4441 2nd Batt
Merton Pte 5577 4th Batt
Meskett Pte 4497 5th Batt
Metcalfe Pte 1861 5th Batt
Metcalfe C Pte 5548 2nd Batt
Metcalfe P Pte 148 5th Batt
Miles W Pte 1206 2nd Batt
Miley Drummer 5813 4th Batt
Miller Pte 2793 1st Batt
Miller Drummer 3285 1st Batt
Miller Pte 2876 5th Batt
Miller Pte 4111 5th Batt
Miller Pte 3543 5th Batt
Miller Pte 6906 4th Batt
Mills Lieut Colonel
Mills A Sgt 5308 1st Batt
Mills J Pte 7289 1st Batt
Mills J Pte 5330 2nd Batt
Mitten T Pte 4110 1st Batt
Miurtagh Pte 5396 4th Batt
Mogan Pte 4601 5th Batt
Molesworth E A Lieut
Molloy P Pte 6477 1st Batt
Molloy Pte 1276 3rd Batt
Molloy Pte 1286 5th Batt
Molloy J Pte 6866 2nd Batt
Molloy T Pte 5810 2nd Batt
Molloy T Pte 5876 2nd Batt
Moloney Colour Sgt 4439 5th Batt
Moloney 2nd Lieut
Moloney T Pte 5439 2nd Batt
Momsey Cpl 5065 4th Batt
Monachan Pte 5418 1st Batt
Monaghan Pte 4950 1st Batt
Monaghan Pte 3025 1st Batt
Monaghan Pte 3814 5th Batt
Monaghan J Pte 4019 1st Batt
Monaghan M Pte 3024 1st Batt
Monaghan P Pte 4739 2nd Batt
Montgomery L/Cpl 3445 1st Batt
Montgomery Pte 4909 1st Batt
Mooney L/Cpl 6532 1st Batt
Mooney Pte 6622 1st Batt
Mooney L/Cpl 2705 1st Batt
Mooney Pte 6223 1st Batt
Mooney Pte 6185 1st Batt
Mooney Pte 1906 3rd Batt
Mooney Pte 3666 4th Batt
Mooney Pte 7164 1st Batt
Mooney Pte 5913 4th Batt
Mooney Pte 5501 4th Batt
Mooney L/Sgt 1740 5th Batt
Mooney Pte 6978 4th Batt
Mooney Pte 6996 4th Batt
Mooney J Pte 3204 4th Batt
Mooney J Pte 4657 2nd Batt
Mooney P Pte 4178 4th Batt
Moore Pte 2628 1st Batt
Moore Pte 5486 1st Batt
Moore Pte 3210 1st Batt
Moore Pte 4741 1st Batt
Moore Pte 3646 1st Batt
Moore Pte 4730 1st Batt
Moore Pte 2358 4th Batt
Moore Pte 2603 4th Batt
Moore Pte 1435 5th Batt
Moore Pte 2479 5th Batt
Moore Pte 2628 1st Batt
Moore Pte 5394 4th Batt
Moore Pte 5145 4th Batt
Moore Pte 5096 4th Batt
Moore Pte 2124 5th Batt
Moore A Lieut
Moore E Pte 4375 2nd Batt
Moore E Pte 5044 2nd Batt
Moore G Pte 4741 2nd Batt
Moore J Pte 2819 1st Batt
Moore J Pte 5068 2nd Batt
Moore J Pte 6891 2nd Batt
Moore P Pte 2681 5th Batt
Moore P Sgt 4855 2nd Batt
Moore T Pte 5186 2nd Batt
Moore T Cpl 5654 2nd Batt
Moore T Pte 5990 2nd Batt
Moore W Pte 4938 2nd Batt
Moran Pte 3425 1st Batt
Moran Pte 6248 1st Batt
Moran Pte 290 3rd Batt
Moran Pte 1402 3rd Batt
Moran Pte 3216 4th Batt
Moran Pte 4503 4th Batt
Moran Pte 7091 1st Batt
Moran Pte 5074 4th Batt
Moran Pte 5847 4th Batt
Moran Pte 5788 4th Batt
Moran Pte 7108 4th Batt
Moran Pte 3820 5th Batt
Moran Pte 4218 5th Batt
Moran Pte 3640 5th Batt
Moran Pte 6968 4th Batt
Moran Pte 6835 4th Batt
Moran E Pte 1759 2nd Batt
Moran E Pte 5782 2nd Batt
Moran J L/Cpl 4554 1st Batt
Moran J Pte 5995 2nd Batt
Moran M Pte 5321 2nd Batt
Moran M Pte 5745 2nd Batt
Moran P Pte 4335 2nd Batt
Moran P Pte 4365 2nd Batt
Moran T Pte 5781 2nd Batt
Moran T Pte 6590 2nd Batt
Moran W Pte 3890 1st Batt
Moran W Pte 4394 2nd Batt
Morgan E Pte 3912 4th Batt
Morgan Pte 5574 4th Batt
Morgan Sgt 2603 5th Batt
Morgan J Pte 5878 1st Batt
Morgan J Pte 4271 1st Batt
Morgan W Pte 2432 2nd Batt
Moriarty Pte 2464 3rd Batt
Moriarty D Pte 2861 1st Batt
Moriarty J Sgt 3515 2nd Batt
Morisy C Pte 4929 2nd Batt
Morisy D Pte 6702 2nd Batt
Morley T Pte 3171 1st Batt
Moroney Sgt 3632 5th Batt
Morrin Pte 4219 1st Batt
Morrin Pte 2268 1st Batt
Morris P Pte 6480 1st Batt
Morris G Cpl 4859 1st Batt
Morrison W Sgt 2801 2nd Batt
Morrissey L/Cpl 4610 5th Batt
Morrissey L/Cpl 2009 5th Batt
Morrissey T Pte 7021 4th Batt
Mortan Pte 6494 4th Batt
Moulder E Drummer 3014 2nd Batt
Moyers Pte 5591 4th Batt
Moyles J Pte 6249 1st Batt
Mulcahy L/Cpl 5795 4th Batt
Muldoon P Pte 1809 3rd Batt
Mulhall Pte 298 5th Batt
Mulhall Pte 3797 5th Batt
Mulhall J Pte 5722 2nd Batt
Mulhall J Pte 6101 2nd Batt
Mulhall M Sgt 3461 1st Batt
Mullaly P Pte 6646 2nd Batt
Mullane L Pte 4777 2nd Batt
Mullen Pte 6478 1st Batt
Mullen Pte 6499 1st Batt
Mullen Pte 3182 1st Batt
Mullen L/Cpl 3404 1st Batt
Mullen Pte 4537 1st Batt
Mullen Pte 3151 5th Batt
Mullen L/Sgt 3406 5th Batt
Mullen Pte 1486 4th Batt
Mullen J Pte 3843 2nd Batt
Mulligan Pte 4471 1st Batt
Mulligan Pte 6404 1st Batt
Mulligan Pte 4693 4th Batt
Mulligan Pte 4473 5th Batt
Mulligan E Pte 7163 4th Batt
Mulligan J Pte 6396 2nd Batt
Mulligan M Pte 6364 2nd Batt
Mullins Bandsman 2nd Batt
Mulroy Pte 4656 5th Batt
Mulroy W Pte 4702 2nd Batt
Mulvaney Pte 4608 5th Batt
Mulvaney A Colour Sgt 3039 1st Batt
Mulvaney J Pte 1352 2nd Batt
Mulvaney J Pte 5115 2nd Batt
Mulvaney J Pte 5348 2nd Batt
Mulvaney M Pte 4424 2nd Batt
Mulvaney M Pte 6802 2nd Batt
Mulvaney P Pte 6819 2nd Batt
Mulvey B Pte 4336 1st Batt
Murdock P Pte 4006 2nd Batt
Murphy Pte 2292 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6351 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 2972 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 3706 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6260 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6544 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6255 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6644 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 3194 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 2811 1st Batt
Murphy P Pte 3431 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6229 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 6377 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 4208 1st Batt
Murphy L/Cpl 5076 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 4966 2nd Batt
Murphy Pte 1012 3rd Batt
Murphy Pte 85 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 1474 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 1988 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 473 5th Batt
Murphy Pte 7231 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 7316 1st Batt
Murphy Pte 5141 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 4560 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 3623 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 4455 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 5841 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 5707 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 4359 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 5917 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 5857 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 4515 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 5466 4th Batt
Murphy Pte 2651 5th Batt
Murphy Pte 4615 5th Batt
Murphy Pte 6475 5th Batt
Murphy Pte 3127 5th Batt
Murphy Pte 1134 5th Batt
Murphy Captain
Murphy A Pte 5135 2nd Batt
Murphy A Pte 6119 2nd Batt
Murphy D Pte 1691 2nd Batt
Murphy F Pte 5661 2nd Batt
Murphy G Pte 2721 1st Batt
Murphy H Sgt 5490 1st Batt
Murphy J Pte 5488 1st Batt
Murphy J Pte 3103 1st Batt
Murphy J Pte 3841 3rd Batt
Murphy J Pte 6848 4th Batt
Murphy J Pte 6554 1st Batt
Murphy J Pte 4099 1st Batt
Murphy J Drummer 3362 2nd Batt
Murphy J Pte 3643 2nd Batt
Murphy J Pte 4448 2nd Batt
Murphy J Pte 4571 2nd Batt
Murphy J Pte 4795 2nd Batt
Murphy J Pte 4977 2nd Batt
Murphy J Pte 6803 2nd Batt
Murphy M Pte 4158 1st Batt
Murphy M Pte 4766 2nd Batt
Murphy M Pte 6733 2nd Batt
Murphy N Pte 5695 2nd Batt
Murphy P Pte 4583 1st Batt
Murphy P Pte 7296 1st Batt
Murphy P Pte 4462 2nd Batt
Murphy P Pte 4798 2nd Batt
Murphy P Pte 5793 2nd Batt
Murphy P Pte 350 3rd Batt
Murphy T Pte 6845 4th Batt
Murphy T Pte 5908 2nd Batt
Murphy W Sgt 4011 1st Batt
Murphy W Sgt 4011 1st Batt
Murphy W Pte 7015 1st Batt
Murran M Pte 5303 2nd Batt
Murray Pte 6208 1st Batt
Murray L/Cpl 3325 1st Batt
Murray Pte 7484 1st Batt
Murray Pte 5930 4th Batt
Murray Pte 4617 4th Batt
Murray Pte 5706 4th Batt
Murray Pte 3295 5th Batt
Murray Cpl 4169 5th Batt
Murray Pte 3311 5th Batt
Murray D Pte 4794 2nd Batt
Murray G Sgt 3281 1st Batt
Murray J Pte 4568 2nd Batt
Murray J Pte 5111 2nd Batt
Murray J Pte 5347 2nd Batt
Murray J Pte 5970 2nd Batt
Murray J Pte 6097 2nd Batt
Murray P Pte 3755 1st Batt
Murray P Pte 5035 1st Batt
Murray P Pte 3780 1st Batt
Murray P Pte 3640 1st Batt
Murray T Pte 1867 2nd Batt
Murray T Pte 4522 2nd Batt
Murray W Pte 5142 2nd Batt
Murtagh Pte 6416 1st Batt
Murtagh Pte 6976 5th Batt
Murtagh W Pte 6243 1st Batt
Murtha P Pte 6591 1st Batt
Myers Pte 5680 4th Batt
Myles Pte 6559 1st Batt
Myles L/Cpl 6571 1st Batt
Myron P Cpl 3676 1st Batt
Naland Pte 3556 1st Batt
Natty P Pte 5000 2nd Batt
Neill Pte 5706 2nd Batt
Neill Pte 7307 1st Batt
Neill Pte 4455 5th Batt
Neill Pte 1361 5th Batt
Neill Pte 3618 5th Batt
Neill Pte 2282 4th Batt
Neill Pte 6911 4th Batt
Neill Pte 6912 4th Batt
Neill J Pte 4192 1st Batt
Neill N Pte 4657 2nd Batt
Neill P Pte 6049 2nd Batt
Neill R Pte 4147 2nd Batt
Nelson Pte 6357 2nd Batt
Nelson Cpl 5648 4th Batt
Nelson Pte 3945 5th Batt
Nelson Pte 6898 4th Batt
Nelson Captain
Nesbitt T Cpl 5561 1st Batt
Nesbitt T Cpl 5561 1st Batt
Nessitt Pte 3383 1st Batt
Neville Pte 6410 2nd Batt
Nevin Pte 3392 2nd Batt
Newell Pte 4181 2nd Batt
Newsome F Pte 6333 2nd Batt
Newsome T Pte 4860 2nd Batt
Newton Sgt 2332 1st Batt
Newton 2nd Lieut
Nicholle Lieut
Nicholls L/Sgt 3064 1st Batt
Nicholson Pte 3491 5th Batt
Niland W Pte 1554 2nd Batt
Noble Cpl 4087 4th Batt
Noctor P Pte 3994 4th Batt
Noctor P Pte 5651 4th Batt
Nolan Pte 3250 1st Batt
Nolan Pte 3417 1st Batt
Nolan Pte 4070 1st Batt
Nolan Pte 4490 1st Batt
Nolan Cpl 3017 1st Batt
Nolan Pte 1740 2nd Batt
Nolan Pte 4840 2nd Batt
Nolan J Pte 5791 2nd Batt
Nolan Pte 6321 2nd Batt
Nolan Pte 6720 2nd Batt
Nolan Pte 72 3rd Batt
Nolan Pte 2057 4th Batt
Nolan Pte 3553 5th Batt
Nolan Pte 7373 1st Batt
Nolan Pte 5308 4th Batt
Nolan Pte 5547 4th Batt
Nolan Cpl 4033 5th Batt
Nolan Pte 4563 5th Batt
Nolan Pte 4595 5th Batt
Nolan Pte 4061 5th Batt
Nolan Pte 4212 5th Batt
Nolan J Cpl 5894 1st Batt
Nolan J Pte 6512 1st Batt
Nolan M Pte 4273 1st Batt
Noon J Pte 7396 1st Batt
Noon Pte 3526 1st Batt
Noonan F Pte 6783 1st Batt
Noonan Pte 1068 3rd Batt
Noone Pte 275 3rd Batt
Noone A Pte 5104 2nd Batt
Norman Pte 6440 1st Batt
Norman Pte 6462 1st Batt
Norman Pte 6440 5th Batt
Norton Pte 5975 2nd Batt
Norton Pte 594 3rd Batt
Norton J Pte 3648 4th Batt
Nugent Pte 6557 2nd Batt
Nugent Pte 415 3rd Batt
Nugent J Pte 546 3rd Batt
Nugent Cpl 4098 5th Batt
Nugent Pte 4494 5th Batt
Nugent E Pte 6347 2nd Batt
Oakes T Pte 6003 1st Batt
O’Beirne P Pte 2426 1st Batt
O’Brien J Cpl 3555 1st Batt
O’Brien J Pte 6226 1st Batt
O’Brien J Pte 3099 1st Batt
O’Brien J Pte 5016 1st Batt
O’Brien P Pte 5460 1st Batt
O’Brien Cpl 3206 2nd Batt
O’Brien Pte 1389 2nd Batt
O’Brien Pte 3934 2nd Batt
O’Brien P Pte 4491 2nd Batt
O’Brien Pte 6137 2nd Batt
O’Brien Pte 6570 2nd Batt
O’Brien Pte 1600 3rd Batt
O’Brien Shoe Smith 18056 1st Batt
O’Brien Pte 7467 1st Batt
O’Brien Pte 4839 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 4547 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 5213 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 3046 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 5789 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 5594 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 5452 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 5521 4th Batt
O’Brien Pte 3960 5th Batt
O’Brien Pte 3790 5th Batt
O’Brien Pte 3932 5th Batt
O’Brien Pte 4493 5th Batt
O’Brien Pte 4484 5th Batt
O’Brien Sgt 2528 5th Batt
O’Brien L/Cpl 3642 5th Batt
O’Brien Pte 4333 5th Batt
O’Brien Pte 6799 4th Batt
O’Brien M Pte 7245 1st Batt
O’Brien Pte 7476 1st Batt
O’Brien F Pte 6684 1st Batt
O’Brien J L/Cpl 5764 4th Batt
O’Brien J Pte 7250 1st Batt
O’Brien J Pte 4401 2nd Batt
O’Brien J Pte 2853 4th Batt
O’Brien J Pte 4401 1st Batt
O’Brien P Pte 3782 1st Batt
O’Brien T Pte 5161 2nd Batt
O’Brien T Pte 4790 2nd Batt
O’Brien-Butler Lieut
O’Bryan Pte 3783 5th Batt
O’Byrne L Pte 6189 1st Batt
O’Callaghan J Pte 3871 1st Batt
O’Callaghan Pte 4699 2nd Batt
O’Callaghan T Pte 5145 2nd Batt
O’Carroll Pte 5847 2nd Batt
O’Carroll Lieut
O’Connell W Pte 4042 1st Batt
O’Connell C Pte 5446 1st Batt
O’Connell Drummer 3925 5th Batt
O’Connell P Pte 4323 4th Batt
O’Connell W Pte 5940 4th Batt
O’Connor Pte 6676 1st Batt
O’Connor Pte 6491 1st Batt
O’Connor Pte 4578 2nd Batt
O’Connor Pte 6693 2nd Batt
O’Connor Pte 5436 4th Batt
O’Connor Pte 5856 4th Batt
O’Connor Pte 7227 4th Batt
O’Connor A J Colour Sgt 1243 5th Batt
O’Connor J Pte 4791 2nd Batt
O’Connor J Pte 6491 2nd Batt
O’Connor W Pte 6164 1st Batt
O’Donnell Pte 3023 1st Batt
O’Donnell Pte 3936 1st Batt
O’Donnell C Pte 7124 4th Batt
O’Donoghue T Pte 4714 2nd Batt
O’Driscoll L/Cpl 5617 4th Batt
O’Dwyer P Pte 3152 1st Batt
O’Grady Pte 6156 2nd Batt
O’Grady L/Cpl 4158 5th Batt
O’Grady J Cpl 7398 1st Batt
O’Grady J Sgt 5097 4th Batt
O’Grady P Pte 3441 4th Batt
O’Hagan C Drummer 5753 1st Batt
O’Halloran Pte 6349 1st Batt
O’Hanlon Cpl 5876 1st Batt
O’Hanlon J Pte 4673 2nd Batt
O’Hara Pte 7140 4th Batt
O’Hara Cpl 2959 5th Batt
O’Hara Pte 3315 5th Batt
O’Hara Pte 4385 5th Batt
O’Hara J Pte 5610 4th Batt
O’Hara T Pte 3389 1st Batt
O’Higgins J Sgt 4689 2nd Batt
O’Keefe Pte 5901 2nd Batt
O’Keefe Pte 6521 2nd Batt
O’Keefe Pte 5748 4th Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 2989 1st Batt
O’Keeffe J Pte 4492 1st Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 7606 1st Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 5261 1st Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 5213 1st Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 4659 2nd Batt
O’Keeffe L/Cpl 4995 2nd Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 5517 2nd Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 2394 4th Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 5268 4th Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 4707 4th Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 4279 5th Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 3737 5th Batt
O’Keeffe Cpl 3722 5th Batt
O’Keeffe Pte 6843 4th Batt
O’Keeffe J Pte 3294 1st Batt
O’Keeffe P Pte 2943 1st Batt
Oldham Pte 229 3rd Batt
Oldham J Pte 6615 2nd Batt
O’Leary Pte 5509 1st Batt
O’Leary Pte 7221 1st Batt
O’Leary Pte 4306 5th Batt
O’Leary Pte 986 5th Batt
O’Leary Pte 4392 5th Batt
O’Lewis Sgt 5434 1st Batt
Oliver A W Pte 5064 2nd Batt
O’Loughlin Pte 6777 2nd Batt
O’Loughlin Pte 5638 4th Batt
O’Loughlin Pte 7332 4th Batt
O’Loughlin D L/Cpl 6048 2nd Batt
O’Loughlin W Pte 6037 2nd Batt
O’Malley Sgt 7099 5th Batt
O’Malley Pte 7480 1st Batt
O’Neill Pte 6214 1st Batt
O’Neill Pte 1364 2nd Batt
O’Neill Pte 1868 2nd Batt
O’Neill Pte 1981 2nd Batt
O’Neill Pte 6241 2nd Batt
O’Neill Pte 305 3rd Batt
O’Neill Pte 2142 4th Batt
O’Neill Pte 3123 5th Batt
O’Neill Pte 6912 1st Batt
O’Neill Pte 7253 1st Batt
O’Neill Pte 5526 4th Batt
O’Neill Pte 5944 4th Batt
O’Neill L/Cpl 3862 5th Batt
O’Neill Pte 2305 5th Batt
O’Neill Pte 6979 4th Batt
O’Neill Major
O’Neill J Pte 6083 2nd Batt
O’Neill P Pte 5746 2nd Batt
O’Neill W Pte 4836 4th Batt
Oram W Pte 6950 2nd Batt
O’Raw P Pte 3616 1st Batt
O’Reilly Pte 7371 1st Batt
O’Reilly Drummer 3904 5th Batt
O’Reilly L L/Cpl 6159 1st Batt
O’Reilly M L/Cpl 5709 2nd Batt
Ormsby D Colour Sgt 2699 1st Batt
O’Rourke Pte 5128 1st Batt
O’Rourke Pte 5189 4th Batt
O’Rourke Sgt 249 5th Batt
O’Rourke Sgt 3190 5th Batt
O’Rourke T Pte 5691 2nd Batt
Orr J Pte 575 2nd Batt
Osborne J Sgt 3715 2nd Batt
O’Shea L/Cpl 4536 5th Batt
O’Shea C Pte 5646 2nd Batt
O’Toole Pte 6427 1st Batt
O’Toole Pte 5259 2nd Batt
O’Toole Pte 7305 1st Batt
O’Toole Pte 5563 4th Batt
O’Toole A P Sgt 4744 2nd Batt
O’Toole P Pte 6442 1st Batt
Owens Pte 1739 2nd Batt
Owens L/Cpl 4825 2nd Batt
Owens Pte 6386 2nd Batt
Oxford Pte 6785 1st Batt
Page Pte 4450 5th Batt
Page G Pte 7262 1st Batt
Paisley Pte 7042 3rd Batt
Paisley Pte 3985 5th Batt
Paisley J Pte 4219 1st Batt
Paisley M Cpl 5081 4th Batt
Pakenham J Pte 5017 2nd Batt
Pallett Pte 4041 5th Batt
Palmer Pte 3529 1st Batt
Palmer Pte 4312 5th Batt
Panton Pte 7084 5th Batt
Parker L/Cpl 6197 1st Batt
Parker H Pte 3534 1st Batt
Parkinson Pte 5702 4th Batt
Parle Pte 4394 5th Batt
Parnell L/Cpl 5406 1st Batt
Parnell H Pte 4202 2nd Batt
Parsons Pte 2866 1st Batt
Partridge H T L/Cpl 5903 1st Batt
Patey G E R Lieut
Payne L/Cpl 5793 4th Batt
Payne F Pte 5328 2nd Batt
Pearse Cpl 6125 1st Batt
Pearse Lieut Colonel
Pearse J Pte 6134 2nd Batt
Pearson Sgt 6028 2nd Batt
Peel A Pte 3518 2nd Batt
Peel W Pte 5532 2nd Batt
Pender Pte 7434 1st Batt
Pender Pte 6550 2nd Batt
Pender W Pte 5928 2nd Batt
Perkins Sgt 4122 1st Batt
Perreau Captain
Perry 4678 4th Batt
Perry J Pte 3137 1st Batt
Pert Pte 2640 4th Batt
Pescod J Pte 3704 1st Batt
Pettit Pte 5666 4th Batt
Peyton Pte 4108 1st Batt
Phelan Pte 5965 1st Batt
Phelan Pte 5102 2nd Batt
Phelan Pte 3091 4th Batt
Phelan Pte 5368 4th Batt
Philips Pte 3479 5th Batt
Phillips G Pte 4540 5th Batt
Phoenix Pte 4548 2nd Batt
Phoenix Pte 6883 4th Batt
Picken T Pte 5272 2nd Batt
Picken T Pte 5272 1st Batt
Piggott Sgt 5033 4th Batt
Pigott L/Cpl 3481 1st Batt
Pigott Pte 4337 1st Batt
Pilson A F Captain
Pitman Pte 721 3rd Batt
Plenderleith Pte 5205 2nd Batt
Pluck Pte 4855 4th Batt
Plunkett Pte 6991 4th Batt
Polley Pte 4901 1st Batt
Pollock J Pte 2944 1st Batt
Pomeroy E A G Captain
Poole Pte 3477 1st Batt
Pooley S Pte 5881 2nd Batt
Porter Pte 6276 1st Batt
Poutch Pte 2994 5th Batt
Powell Cpl 3679 1st Batt
Powell Pte 2728 2nd Batt
Power Pte 6894 1st Batt
Power D Pte 1505 2nd Batt
Power Pte 1603 2nd Batt
Power Pte 38 3rd Batt
Power L/Cpl 5197 4th Batt
Power Pte 4440 4th Batt
Power Pte 5286 4th Batt
Power Pte 5453 4th Batt
Power P Pte 4327 5th Batt
Power M Pte 6380 1st Batt
Preen Cpl 4650 5th Batt
Price Pte 4412 1st Batt
Price F L/Sgt 5879 1st Batt
Prince Pte 1865 5th Batt
Pringle Pte 6725 4th Batt
Proctor Sgt 3174 1st Batt
Pryor L/Sgt 5579 2nd Batt
Purcell Pte 4344 1st Batt
Purcell Pte 4020 1st Batt
Purcell Colour Sgt 3581 2nd Batt
Purcell Pte 4896 4th Batt
Purcell Cpl 5230 4th Batt
Purcell T Pte 5618 2nd Batt
Purcer Pte 5284 4th Batt
Purfield Pte 3295 2nd Batt
Quaid Pte 3071 1st Batt
Quaide P Pte 6524 1st Batt
Quigley Pte 3469 1st Batt
Quigley W Sgt 4524 1st Batt
Quigley W Sgt 4524 4th Batt
Quinn J Pte 1841 2nd Batt
Quinn L/Cpl 2115 2nd Batt
Quinn E Pte 4472 2nd Batt
Quinn Pte 1716 3rd Batt
Quinn Pte 7051 3rd Batt
Quinn Pte 5373 4th Batt
Quinn Pte 4196 4th Batt
Quinn W Drummer 5607 5th Batt
Quinn J L/Cpl 4567 5th Batt
Quinn Pte 7196 4th Batt
Quinn H Pte 6764 1st Batt
Quinn M Pte 5540 2nd Batt
Quinn P Pte 7270 1st Batt
Quirke M Pte 4984 1st Batt
Quirke J Pte 4029 4th Batt
Radforth Major
Raffelle Pte 4833 2nd Batt
Rafferty F Pte 4247 1st Batt
Rafferty Pte 3563 2nd Batt
Rafferty Pte 4534 2nd Batt
Rafferty E Pte 7089 1st Batt
Rafferty Pte 5656 4th Batt
Rafferty M Pte 6172 1st Batt
Rafter Pte 5086 4th Batt
Rafter Cpl 5095 4th Batt
Rafter Pte 1186 5th Batt
Rainey Pte 2983 2nd Batt
Ralph Pte 2748 5th Batt
Ramsay Pte 2131 2nd Batt
Ramsey Pte 3577 5th Batt
Ray Pte 4105 5th Batt
Raynor C Pte 5007 1st Batt
Redden Pte 2122 5th Batt
Redding Pte 2443 5th Batt
Reddy Pte 7913 4th Batt
Reddy P Pte 5175 2nd Batt
Redmond Pte 2854 1st Batt
Redmond Pte 6379 2nd Batt
Redmond Pte 6825 4th Batt
Redmond J Pte 6877 2nd Batt
Redmond M Pte 3524 5th Batt
Reed Sgt 933 5th Batt
Reel Pte 2095 5th Batt
Reeves Pte 7380 1st Batt
Reeves S E Sgt 6798 1st Batt
Regan Pte 5907 2nd Batt
Regan R Pte 4360 2nd Batt
Reid Pte 6056 2nd Batt
Reid Pte 7382 1st Batt
Reid Cpl 4220 4th Batt
Reid Pte 5597 4th Batt
Reid Pte 4321 5th Batt
Reid Pte 4264 5th Batt
Reid T Pte 4743 1st Batt
Reidy S Pte 5055 2nd Batt
Reilly Pte 3645 1st Batt
Reilly L/Cpl 6519 1st Batt
Reilly C Pte 4155 1st Batt
Reilly Pte 6201 1st Batt
Reilly Pte 4200 1st Batt
Reilly J Pte 4226 2nd Batt
Reilly J Pte 4961 2nd Batt
Reilly W Pte 5218 2nd Batt
Reilly J Pte 5234 2nd Batt
Reilly Pte 5545 2nd Batt
Reilly Pte 5656 2nd Batt
Reilly Pte 6324 2nd Batt
Reilly Pte 10 3rd Batt
Reilly Pte 2826 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 4834 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 5586 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 3990 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 4916 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 5652 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 5861 4th Batt
Reilly Cpl 5892 4th Batt
Reilly Pte 4459 5th Batt
Reilly L/Cpl 4288 5th Batt
Reilly Pte 2977 5th Batt
Reilly J Pte 688 4th Batt
Reilly J Pte 5012 2nd Batt
Reilly J Pte 4987 2nd Batt
Reilly R Pte 6786 2nd Batt
Reliiy Pte 3903 4th Batt
Rennie Lieut
Reynolds Pte 4787 4th Batt
Reynolds G Pte 4865 2nd Batt
Reynolds J Cpl 4636 2nd Batt
Reynolds J Pte 5595 2nd Batt
Reynolds P Pte 1881 4th Batt
Riccard Captain
Rice Pte 6528 1st Batt
Rice Pte 6578 1st Batt
Rice W Pte 6548 1st Batt
Rice Pte 2857 1st Batt
Rice J Pte 6697 1st Batt
Rice Cpl 5920 4th Batt
Rice J Pte 5210 2nd Batt
Richards R Sgt 5544 2nd Batt
Richardson Pte 4226 4th Batt
Richardson Pte 3758 5th Batt
Richardson Pte 6209 1st Batt
Richardson G Pte 7234 1st Batt
Richardson M Pte 5038 2nd Batt
Richardson R Pte 2178 1st Batt
Richardson W Pte 6391 2nd Batt
Righton Pte 4931 2nd Batt
Rigney Pte 4019 5th Batt
Riley Pte 6728 1st Batt
Ring T Pte 4384 1st Batt
Roach M Pte 2844 1st Batt
Roach Pte 6265 2nd Batt
Roach Pte 6687 5th Batt
Roach Pte 5442 4th Batt
Roach G Pte 7049 3rd Batt
Roachford L/Cpl 4056 4th Batt
Rober-Caldwick Captain
Roberts W Pte 5292 2nd Batt
Robertson I S Lieut
Robertson J Pte 6839 1st Batt
Robinson T Pte 3736 1st Batt
Robinson Pte 6630 1st Batt
Robinson Pte 4853 4th Batt
Robinson L/Cpl 4963 4th Batt
Robinson 2nd Lieut
Robinson Captain
Robinson R H St Clare Lieut
Robotham Pte 4470 4th Batt
Roche L Pte 5231 2nd Batt
Roche Pte 5934 2nd Batt
Roche Pte 675 3rd Batt
Rock Pte 5915 4th Batt
Rock Pte 5744 4th Batt
Roe Pte 5875 4th Batt
Rogers Pte 3221 1st Batt
Rogers Pte 3244 2nd Batt
Rogers Pte 6538 2nd Batt
Rogers Pte 186 3rd Batt
Rogers Pte 7125 5th Batt
Rogers Pte 5619 4th Batt
Rogers Lieut
Rogers M Pte 7255 1st Batt
Romer Captain
Roonan Pte 3678 1st Batt
Roone Pte 2088 3rd Batt
Rooney P Pte 4438 1st Batt
Rooney J Pte 4834 2nd Batt
Rooney Pte 5867 2nd Batt
Rooney P Pte 2413 4th Batt
Rooney W Pte 3141 2nd Batt
Rothwell Pte 6853 1st Batt
Rourke Pte 3001 1st Batt
Rourke Pte 2794 1st Batt
Rourke Pte 6213 1st Batt
Rourke Pte 1793 2nd Batt
Rourke J Pte 5771 2nd Batt
Rourke Pte 284 3rd Batt
Rourke T Pte 5402 2nd Batt
Rourke T Pte 5956 2nd Batt
Rourke W Pte 5022 2nd Batt
Rowe Pte 6702 1st Batt
Rowland Lieut
Rowlands Pte 3887 1st Batt
Rowley 2nd Lieut
Royden w Pte 4748 2nd Batt
Ruddock Pte 6545 1st Batt
Rully Pte 3941 5th Batt
Rushbrooke H Pte 6460 2nd Batt
Russell Pte 5999 4th Batt
Ruth Pte 1943 5th Batt
Rutherford A Major
Rutherford W Pte 6689 1st Batt
Rutledge T Pte 3308 5th Batt
Rutley Pte 2846 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 2863 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 3895 1st Batt
Ryan J Pte 3473 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 6401 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 6259 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 3207 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 3950 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 2893 1st Batt
Ryan Pte 2723 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 3138 2nd Batt
Ryan Sgt 4139 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 4605 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 5164 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 5323 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 6996 2nd Batt
Ryan Pte 108 4th Batt
Ryan Pte 5779 4th Batt
Ryan Pte 5797 4th Batt
Ryan Pte 5727 4th Batt
Ryan Pte 5901 4th Batt
Ryan Pte 3984 5th Batt
Ryan Cpl 4635 5th Batt
Ryan L/Sgt 1426 5th Batt
Ryan Pte 6862 4th Batt
Ryan Pte 6522 1st Batt
Ryan D Pte 6923 4th Batt
Ryan D Com Sgt 1689 5th Batt
Ryan F Pte 5811 2nd Batt
Ryan J Sgt 2892 2nd Batt
Ryan T Pte 5179 2nd Batt
Ryan W Pte 3896 1st Batt
Ryland Pte 1627 3rd Batt
Saddler Pte 3964 1st Batt
Sallinger Pte 6102 2nd Batt
Sallinger J Pte 6913 4th Batt
Sandford Pte 7326 1st Batt
Sandilands J Pte 3601 2nd Batt
Sarsfield Pte 3532 4th Batt
Saul Pte 5671 4th Batt
Saunders D Pte 5672 2nd Batt
Savage Sgt 3271 2nd Batt
Saville L/Cpl 4799 4th Batt
Sawyer Pte 7805 4th Batt
Scanlan T Pte 2985 4th Batt
Scanlon Pte 3121 1st Batt
Scanton Sgt 3110 5th Batt
Scoon Cpl 3065 1st Batt
Scotchmer H Pte 5389 1st Batt
Scott L/Cpl 1757 2nd Batt
Scott Pte 5685 4th Batt
Scott 2nd Lieut
Scott Pte 4047 1st Batt
Scott J Pte 6831 4th Batt
Scotton Sgt 5457 1st Batt
Scully Pte 8466 2nd Batt
Scully Pte 6596 2nd Batt
Scully L/Cpl 4646 5th Batt
Scully B Pte 5516 2nd Batt
Scully J Pte 6261 1st Batt
Scully M Pte 2868 5th Batt
Seery Pte 3442 1st Batt
Seery J Pte 4026 1st Batt
Seery J Pte 4026 4th Batt
Seery B Pte 4329 5th Batt
Seery Sgt 4907 1st Batt
Seery J Cpl 1613 5th Batt
Sellers Pte 3784 2nd Batt
Semmence H A Sgt 3007 1st Batt
Semmence O Cpl 2525 1st Batt
Sergeant W Pte 6216 1st Batt
Sessions Pte 7416 1st Batt
Seymour 2nd Lieut
Seymour A Cpl 4261 2nd Batt
Shakespeare T L/Sgt 4245 1st Batt
Shanks Pte 7256 1st Batt
Shanks W J Sgt 5414 1st Batt
Shannon Pte 2141 2nd Batt
Sharkey Pte 4414 5th Batt
Sharkey P Pte 3556 5th Batt
Shaughnessy Pte 5283 2nd Batt
Shaw Major
Shea T Pte 1510 2nd Batt
Shea Colour Sgt 2312 5th Batt
Shea Pte 3809 5th Batt
Sheehan Pte 4921 2nd Batt
Sheehan Pte 4763 1st Batt
Sheehan P Pte 4683 1st Batt
Sheehan P Pte 6414 1st Batt
Sheen J Pte 3666 1st Batt
Sheils Pte 5359 4th Batt
Sheldon Pte 4189 4th Batt
Shelley Pte 4518 2nd Batt
Shelley 2nd Lieut
Shelock J Pte 7106 1st Batt
Sheppardson S L/Cpl 3992 1st Batt
Sheridan Pte 4098 1st Batt
Sheridan Pte 4772 4th Batt
Sheridan Pte 4544 5th Batt
Sheridan W Pte 6354 2nd Batt
Sheridan P Sgt Major 1664 2nd Batt
Sherlock J Cpl 4588 5th Batt
Sherry Sgt 3440 5th Batt
Sherwin C Pte 1717 5th Batt
Sherwin W Pte 5619 2nd Batt
Shewan Captain
Shiel W Pte 6715 1st Batt
Shields Pte 2770 1st Batt
Shields J Pte 6632 1st Batt
Shields J Pte 5957 1st Batt
Shields J Pte 3828 1st Batt
Shields P Pte 6254 1st Batt
Shine J Pte 6776 2nd Batt
Shortall Pte 4469 2nd Batt
Shortall Pte 1972 4th Batt
Simmons F J Sgt 6463 5th Batt
Simpson E G Sgt 5578 1st Batt
Simpson J Pte 4754 2nd Batt
Simson Pte 4306 1st Batt
Singleton Pte 5392 4th Batt
Sinnott Pte 4393 2nd Batt
Sitwell Major
Skelley Pte 4514 2nd Batt
Skinner R Pte 7261 1st Batt
Slater V Pte 4842 1st Batt
Slater Pte 3031 1st Batt
Slater N Pte 5087 2nd Batt
Slavin Pte 7024 4th Batt
Smith Pte 3077 1st Batt
Smith Pte 4454 1st Batt
Smith J Pte 6183 1st Batt
Smith Pte 3273 1st Batt
Smith Pte 5407 1st Batt
Smith L/Cpl 5270 2nd Batt
Smith Pte 1194 3rd Batt
Smith Pte 2380 4th Batt
Smith Pte 2406 4th Batt
Smith Pte 4179 4th Batt
Smith Pte 4821 4th Batt
Smith Pte 5667 4th Batt
Smith Pte 5865 4th Batt
Smith Pte 4428 4th Batt
Smith Pte 4809 4th Batt
Smith Pte 4496 5th Batt
Smith Pte 3414 5th Batt
Smith Pte 3718 5th Batt
Smith Pte 4004 5th Batt
Smith Pte 2962 4th Batt
Smith Pte 6889 4th Batt
Smith 2nd Lieut
Smith Pte 3908 2nd Batt
Smith Cpl 4921 2nd Batt
Smith Pte 4940 2nd Batt
Smith Pte 5163 2nd Batt
Smith Pte 7151 1st Batt
Smith Pte 7499 1st Batt
Smith Pte 6708 4th Batt
Smith J Pte 4488 2nd Batt
Smith J Pte 4359 2nd Batt
Smith J Pte 4959 2nd Batt
Smith G Sgt Drummer 5882 2nd Batt
Smith H Pte 4210 2nd Batt
Smith J Pte 7065 4th Batt
Smith J Pte 5984 2nd Batt
Smith J Pte 2395 4th Batt
SmitH J Pte 5006 2nd Batt
Smith J Pte 4959 1st Batt
Smith J Pte 1716 2nd Batt
Smith L Pte 6870 4th Batt
Smith R G M Pte 5508 2nd Batt
Smith S Pte 2843 1st Batt
Smith W E Pte 5020 2nd Batt
Smithwick 2nd Lieut
Smullen Pte 4029 5th Batt
Smyth L/Cpl 3904 1st Batt
Smyth Pte 3378 5th Batt
Smyth J Sgt 1207 5th Batt
Sneddon R Pte 7165 1st Batt
Somers Pte 3257 2nd Batt
Somers Pte 3741 4th Batt
Sparrow Pte 7115 1st Batt
Spears Pte 6564 1st Batt
Spencer Pte 3588 1st Batt
Stack Pte 4429 4th Batt
Stack T J Pte 6122 2nd Batt
Stafford J Pte 3468 1st Batt
Stanton W Pte 4787 1st Batt
Stanton Pte 4063 5th Batt
Stanton P Pte 1143 4th Batt
Stanton T Pte 5329 2nd Batt
Steenson Pte 7012 4th Batt
Stenson Pte 6083 1st Batt
Stewart Pte 1875 1st Batt
Stewart Pte 3216 1st Batt
Stewart Pte 3862 1st Batt
Stewart W Pte 5112 2nd Batt
Stimp Pte 4021 5th Batt
Stirling Lieut
Stockton F Pte 6593 1st Batt
Stokes J Pte 6151 2nd Batt
Storey Pte 6867 4th Batt
Stow Pte 3823 1st Batt
Straighton Pte 4477 2nd Batt
Strain Pte 2387 1st Batt
Street Captain
Stringer Pte 5676 5th Batt
Strode Pte 7099 1st Batt
Stwart Pte 3421 2nd Batt
Stwart F Pte 3910 2nd Batt
Sullivan Pte 4615 1st Batt
Sullivan Pte 4349 2nd Batt
Sullivan Pte 3923 4th Batt
Sullivan J Pte 3905 3rd Batt
Sullivan J Cpl 4367 2nd Batt
Sullivan J Pte 4619 2nd Batt
Summers Pte 1837 1st Batt
Summers Pte 5041 2nd Batt
Summerville R Pte 4620 2nd Batt
Supple 2nd Lieut
Sutton Sgt 2596 1st Batt
Sutton Cpl 6345 2nd Batt
Sutton Pte 4876 4th Batt
Sutton J Pte 5967 2nd Batt
Sutton S C Pte 2980 1st Batt
Swaine P Pte 6885 4th Batt
Swan Pte 2704 1st Batt
Swan Pte 3225 2nd Batt
Swan A Pte 7073 1st Batt
Sweeney Pte 4194 1st Batt
Sweeney Pte 4151 1st Batt
Sweeney Pte 2871 1st Batt
Sweeney Pte 6024 1st Batt
Sweeney Pte 5301 2nd Batt
Sweeney Pte 2773 4th Batt
Sweeney Pte 5301 5th Batt
Sweeney Pte 6024 5th Batt
Sweeney Pte 4194 5th Batt
Sweeney Pte 2775 5th Batt
Sweeney Pte 2535 5th Batt
Sweeney Pte 2376 4th Batt
Sweeney Pte 6989 4th Batt
Swift Pte 7284 4th Batt
Swift Captain
Swift W L/Cpl 6360 1st Batt
Swifte Lieut
Swoods Pte 3447 5th Batt
Swords Pte 4153 4th Batt
Synott J F Pte 5930 2nd Batt
Synott T Cpl 6011 2nd Batt
Taaffe Pte 5688 4th Batt
Taggart Pte 5652 2nd Batt
Tait L/Cpl 6891 2nd Batt
Taite L/Sgt 3881 2nd Batt
Talbot Pte 6106 2nd Batt
Talbot Pte 3381 4th Batt
Talbot Pte 5488 4th Batt
Tallon P Pte 5739 2nd Batt
Tate Pte 325 5th Batt
Taylor Pte 3671 1st Batt
Taylor Pte 3538 2nd Batt
Taylor Pte 5344 2nd Batt
Taylor L/Sgt 5668 2nd Batt
Taylor Pte 6581 2nd Batt
Taylor Pte 2544 3rd Batt
Taylor Pte 7263 1st Batt
Taylor Pte 5147 4th Batt
Taylor Lieut
Taylor A Pte 5637 2nd Batt
Teacher F Pte 6196 4th Batt
Terrance Pte 570 3rd Batt
Tevlin Pte 2082 4th Batt
Thackeray Pte 3916 1st Batt
Thackeray Pte 3916 1st Batt
Thames L/Cpl 3843 5th Batt
Thomas Pte 3813 1st Batt
Thompkins Pte 5808 4th Batt
Thompson Pte 4288 1st Batt
Thompson Pte 7420 1st Batt
Thompson L/Cpl 5810 4th Batt
Thompson Pte 5253 4th Batt
Thompson Sgt 3791 5th Batt
Thompson 2nd Lieut
Thompson Pte 5113 2nd Batt
Thompson Pte 6229 2nd Batt
Thompson G Pte 2921 2nd Batt
Thompson W Pte 4708 1st Batt
Thorogood Pte 5720 1st Batt
Thoroughgood Pte 3091 2nd Batt
Thorpe Pte 6610 1st Batt
Thorpe Pte 5658 2nd Batt
Thurlow J Pte 6771 1st Batt
Tierney A Cpl 6706 2nd Batt
Tighe Pte 4206 1st Batt
Tighe Pte 6274 1st Batt
Tighe M L/Cpl 5982 2nd Batt
Timmins Pte 3849 1st Batt
Timmins Pte 6388 1st Batt
Timmins Pte 3303 4th Batt
Tinsley S Pte 6674 1st Batt
Tippet Major
Tobin Pte 2194 2nd Batt
Tobin Pte 4597 2nd Batt
Tobin Pte 7272 1st Batt
Tobin Pte 7341 1st Batt
Tobin E Pte 6510 2nd Batt
Tobin R Pte 4291 5th Batt
Todd Captain
Toole J Pte 4255 1st Batt
Toole Pte 1291 2nd Batt
Toole Pte 4551 2nd Batt
Toole Pte 7342 4th Batt
Toole Pte 4492 5th Batt
Toole Pte 6072 1st Batt
Toole E Pte 5032 2nd Batt
Toole J Pte 4387 1st Batt
Toole P Pte 4706 2nd Batt
Toomey Pte 4788 2nd Batt
Toomey Pte 757 3rd Batt
Toomey C Pte 5698 2nd Batt
Toward L/Cpl 3950 2nd Batt
Towey Sgt 3150 1st Batt
Towey Sgt 3150 2nd Batt
Townsell Pte 5848 2nd Batt
Townsend Sgt 1850 2nd Batt
Townsend Pte 7127 5th Batt
Townsend Sgt Major Tailor 7850 4th Batt
Townsend Drummer 6041 5th Batt
Townsend A Pte 5736 2nd Batt
Townsend G Pte 6166 2nd Batt
Tracey Pte 3463 1st Batt
Tracey Pte 3409 1st Batt
Tracey Pte 1324 1st Batt
Tracey Pte 5481 1st Batt
Tracey Pte 4962 2nd Batt
Tracey Pte 5364 4th Batt
Tracey J Pte 5635 2nd Batt
Tramble H Pte 6384 1st Batt
Travers Pte 3235 1st Batt
Travers Pte 3752 2nd Batt
Traynor Pte 3951 2nd Batt
Traynor Pte 4417 2nd Batt
Traynor Pte 2187 4th Batt
Treacey Pte 6008 1st Batt
Tredennick 2nd Lieut
Trew Pte 3205 1st Batt
Troy Pte 4638 4th Batt
Tucker J Pte 6809 4th Batt
Tuite Pte 2236 5th Batt
Tuite J Pte 3677 4th Batt
Tully P Pte 7505 1st Batt
Tully Pte 4884 4th Batt
Tully Pte 4366 4th Batt
Tully Pte 2379 5th Batt
Turley R Pte 4175 1st Batt
Turner Pte 3386 1st Batt
Turner Pte 6266 1st Batt
Turner R Pte 4000 1st Batt
Tutty Pte 3667 1st Batt
Tutty Pte 6557 1st Batt
Twohig Pte 3567 1st Batt
Tynan Pte 4409 1st Batt
Tyrell Pte 177 3rd Batt
Tyrrell Pte 3134 1st Batt
Tyrrell Pte 3797 1st Batt
Tyrrell Pte 4993 1st Batt
Tyrrell Pte 6154 5th Batt
Tyrrell Cpl 4493 4th Batt
Tyrrell Pte 5684 4th Batt
Tyrrell M Pte 5573 2nd Batt
Tyrrell P Pte 6087 2nd Batt
Underhay Drummer 6039 2nd Batt
Urwin Pte 4044 1st Batt
Urwin Pte 4044 1st Batt
Usher Pte 5915 4th Batt
Usher P Pte 4095 1st Batt
Valentine Pte 6278 2nd Batt
Valentine Pte 5857 4th Batt
Valentine Pte 3057 4th Batt
Vaughan Pte 5302 2nd Batt
Vaughan Pte 3982 5th Batt
Vear Pte 5614 1st Batt
Vear Pte 6104 2nd Batt
Venour Captain
Verey Pte 5816 2nd Batt
Vicars Pte 4310 1st Batt
Victory Pte 5871 4th Batt
Virgo A R Sgt 5852 1st Batt
Virnall L/Sgt 5650 1st Batt
Vodrey W Pte 5134 2nd Batt
Waddingham W Pte 4826 1st Batt
Wade Pte 6306 2nd Batt
Wade P Pte 2872 5th Batt
Wakefield Drummer 6584 1st Batt
Waldron Pte 3034 1st Batt
Waldron Pte 3417 4th Batt
Waldron Pte 7463 1st Batt
Walker Cpl 4898 2nd Batt
Walker Pte 967 3rd Batt
Walker Pte 5814 1st Batt
Walker C Pte 7002 4th Batt
Walker T Pte 4134 1st Batt
Wall Pte 2226 1st Batt
Wall Pte 4326 1st Batt
Wall Pte 5524 2nd Batt
Wall J Pte 5537 2nd Batt
Wallace Pte 5271 2nd Batt
Wallace Pte 5743 4th Batt
Wallace Pte 5843 4th Batt
Wallace Pte 3329 5th Batt
Wallace C N Pte 6642 1st Batt
Wallsworth Sgt 5491 2nd Batt
Walsh Pte 6219 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 4866 1st Batt
Walsh N Sgt 5169 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 3726 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 4830 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 6655 1st Batt
Walsh Cpl 6341 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 1440 2nd Batt
Walsh Pte 2393 2nd Batt
Walsh Pte 4596 2nd Batt
Walsh Pte 4778 2nd Batt
Walsh Pte 4800 2nd Batt
Walsh Pte 2022 3rd Batt
Walsh Pte 3065 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 3846 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 3420 5th Batt
Walsh Pte 7470 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 7479 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 7488 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 7295 1st Batt
Walsh Pte 5687 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 5904 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 4837 4th Batt
Walsh Cpl 5939 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 5038 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 5572 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 6182 4th Batt
Walsh Pte 3441 5th Batt
Walsh Pte 4226 5th Batt
Walsh Pte 1820 5th Batt
Walsh Pte 3658 5th Batt
Walsh Pte 2838 4th Batt
Walsh Captain
Walsh Pte 6765 1st Batt
Walsh James Pte 2717 5th Batt
Walsh M Pte 3852 1st Batt
Walsh M Pte 3257 1st Batt
Walsh P Cpl 5318 4th Batt
Walsh S Pte 3906 1st Batt
Walsh T Pte 6908 4th Batt
Walsh T Pte 4853 2nd Batt
Walsh W Pte 6842 4th Batt
Walsh W Pte 5368 4th Batt
Walsh W Pte 5689 4th Batt
Walters Pte 7111 5th Batt
Walton E Sgt 5426 4th Batt
Wane Sgt 4199 1st Batt
Ward Pte 3107 1st Batt
Ward Pte 6868 1st Batt
Ward Pte 4465 4th Batt
Ward Pte 4682 4th Batt
Ward Pte 2775 4th Batt
Ward Pte 4464 4th Batt
Ward Lieut
Ward T Pte 5765 4th Batt
Ward J Pte 4171 4th Batt
Warner G Pte 5507 4th Batt
Warren L/Cpl 4607 4th Batt
Waters Pte 5473 4th Batt
Watkins Pte 5768 1st Batt
Watson Pte 7067 4th Batt
Watts Pte 4498 4th Batt
Webb Pte 4039 1st Batt
Webb Pte 5848 4th Batt
Webb Pte 4590 4th Batt
Webb Pte 3545 5th Batt
Webb T Drummer 4201 4th Batt
Webster Cpl 4611 4th Batt
Weir Pte 3604 5th Batt
Weldon Captain
Weldon 2nd Lieut
Wellington Pte 2748 1st Batt
Wernham Pte 3277 4th Batt
Weston J L Lieut
Westworth Pte 2389 1st Batt
Westworth Pte 4373 4th Batt
Weyer M Pte 6342 1st Batt
Whalen Sgt Major 5021 5th Batt
Whearty P Pte 5737 4th Batt
Wheeler Pte 2962 1st Batt
Wheeler Pte 3089 4th Batt
Wheeler Lieut
Whelan Pte 2746 1st Batt
Whelan J Pte 5778 1st Batt
Whelan Pte 4120 1st Batt
Whelan Pte 5314 1st Batt
Whelan Pte 1116 3rd Batt
Whelan Pte 1685 3rd Batt
Whelan Pte 2037 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 3163 4th Batt
Whelan P Pte 3833 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 4113 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 3016 5th Batt
Whelan Pte 4054 5th Batt
Whelan J Pte 6530 1st Batt
Whelan Pte 7347 1st Batt
Whelan Pte 5691 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 1105 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 4089 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 4590 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 5679 4th Batt
Whelan L/Cpl 5304 4th Batt
Whelan P Pte 5480 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 6368 4th Batt
Whelan Pte 3301 5th Batt
Whelan Pte 2912 1st Batt
Whelan J Pte 639 3rd Batt
Whelan M Cpl 4097 5th Batt
Whelan T Pte 4760 1st Batt
Whirter Pte 4125 4th Batt
Whitby L/Cpl 3104 1st Batt
White Pte 3597 1st Batt
White Pte 3914 1st Batt
White Pte 3157 1st Batt
White Pte 6378 1st Batt
White Pte 5631 4th Batt
White Pte 3030 4th Batt
White Pte 3138 4th Batt
White Pte 4453 4th Batt
White Pte 4871 4th Batt
White Pte 5278 4th Batt
White Pte 6651 4th Batt
White Pte 3352 5th Batt
White P Pte 5352 4th Batt
Whitelaw J Pte 2573 5th Batt
Whitelaw J Pte 7109 5th Batt
Whittell Pte 3253 1st Batt
Whyley Cpl 4928 1st Batt
Whyte 2nd Lieut
Whyty A Pte 6269 1st Batt
Wilby F Pte 4948 4th Batt
Wilkins Pte 7143 1st Batt
Willey T L/Cpl 4617 5th Batt
Williams Pte 3605 1st Batt
Williams Pte 3673 1st Batt
Williams Pte 3440 1st Batt
Williams Cpl 5025 4th Batt
Williams C Pte 5961 4th Batt
Williams J Pte 3762 1st Batt
Williams J Pte 5144 4th Batt
Williams T Pte 2597 4th Batt
Williams T Pte 7392 1st Batt
Williamson Pte 7066 5th Batt
Willis Pte 4822 4th Batt
Willock 2nd Lieut
Willoughby Pte 6552 1st Batt
Wilmott J Pte 4570 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 2395 1st Batt
Wilson Pte 6467 1st Batt
Wilson Pte 4067 1st Batt
Wilson Pte 4056 1st Batt
Wilson Pte 4124 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 5881 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 2440 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 4737 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 5154 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 5002 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 7158 4th Batt
Wilson Pte 5518 5th Batt
Wilson J Pte 6713 4th Batt
Wilton Pte 4507 5th Batt
Winters Pte 5905 4th Batt
Winters L/Cpl 3992 5th Batt
Wisdom J L/Cpl 6002 1st Batt
Wisely Pte 5462 4th Batt
Wodehouse 2nd Lieut
Wolfe Pte 5472 5th Batt
Wolfe Pte 5472 4th Batt
Woods Pte 3572 1st Batt
Woods Pte 1894 1st Batt
Woods Pte 5420 1st Batt
Woods Pte 3816 1st Batt
Woods J Pte 7311 1st Batt
Woods Pte 4549 4th Batt
Woods Pte 4003 4th Batt
Woods Pte 5420 4th Batt
Woods J Pte 5666 4th Batt
Woods Pte 6307 4th Batt
Woods Drummer 4257 5th Batt
Woods Pte 3985 4th Batt
Woods P Pte 7003 4th Batt
Wright Pte 7096 5th Batt
Wright L/Cpl 7130 5th Batt
Wright Pte 5717 4th Batt
Wylde S Pte 3432 1st Batt
Wylly Pte 7077 5th Batt
Wynn Pte 3569 1st Batt
Wynne Pte 3031 4th Batt
Wynne Pte 3323 1st Batt
Wynne Cpl 5815 4th Batt
Wynne Pte 5944 4th Batt
Wynne C L/Cpl 5756 4th Batt
Yates Pte 3214 1st Batt
Yates Pte 3326 4th Batt
Yeats Pte 3939 5th Batt